You May Not Have Heard Of Smart Manufacturing, But It Has Certainly Changed Your Life

- Apr 17, 2020-

  "Intelligent manufacturing" this word is a bit fresh, a listen to the feeling and we have nothing to do with it, usually also rarely contact with the relevant industry.Maybe those of you who study engineering and those of you who are engaged in industrial production will be familiar with it. Why does it change our lives?Let's take our time.

From the core technologies of intelligent manufacturing, it can be boiled down to big data, Internet of things, cloud've definitely heard it. You watch it on TV all day, and the man always comes in here and says

1. Big Data

Small make up is also every day by "big data, big data" brainwashed, but the big data this thing really has penetrated into our lives.

For example, if you go on the Internet, next to the advertisement pop out of something like "underwear, condoms, toys" ah, ha, ha, ha, that obviously you usually read online things are related to these.

This thing is called place ads, it will automatically collect, analyze your online records, according to what you usually look at the relevant ads to you.

It belongs to the big data marketing, though we ourselves may doesn't matter, but for many companies, is really a good thing, through collecting information gathered hundreds of millions of people across the country, know t consumers like what, want to buy what, it will show you what, save money more easy, do not want to be a hot day, cold snow took to the streets in a personal to ask, that's too OUT.

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, the name is known to use the "cloud" to calculate, then how the cloud computing?

In the past, people needed a large number of hard disks to store data, which could not be viewed and used anytime and anywhere, and portable U disk was not enough to store data. Now, "cloud storage" can be used to store data in the network cloud, so that you can use data remotely anytime and anywhere.On the other hand, traditional intelligent manufacturing enterprises need to equip each factory with a large number of computing servers for professional computing, with high cost and low computational power."Cloud computing" now allows users to call servers remotely from anywhere in the world, saving time, effort and money.

Intelligent manufacturing requires high performance computers and network infrastructure. With the application of big data analysis system, it can automatically collect and analyze data in the production process and control field equipment through cloud computing.In addition to the network storage and server mentioned above, these devices need a high performance terminal that can be carried around for remote management and control.

People who have been to work in traditional industries must know that it is really too slow for companies to hold meetings every day to discuss, travel on business to investigate, consult on feasibility, hold meetings, and calculate benefits manually before they can finally implement the plan.But today, users can use a high performance laptop, remotely use the aforementioned "network storage and server" from anywhere with a network, master huge amounts of data in real time, perform hundreds of millions of power analyses per second, and get the best and most appropriate results in a flash. Do you have pretend bility?

But in the market, the better performance of the notebook is bulky, bulky, portable, users need to go back to the company to deal with the event, the efficiency is low.While the lower performance of the thin and portable but not enough to support a lot of industrial software needs, poor battery life can make use of not much time on the power, let the work fall apart.

How do you choose a computer that is small, portable, and can work?Many people will prefer the DELLLatitude series of laptops with high performance and long endurance:

Latitude series notebook

The Latitude 5490 series is equipped with an Intel 8 generation processor, 8GB of memory, and 256gb of SSD, which greatly improves office efficiency.Full hd anti glare ultra narrow border screen, excellent visual experience, lightweight and portable, users can carry, convenient real time remote monitoring and operation!

Working for free with the Dell Client Command Suite tool also gives you the flexibility to automatically configure the BIOS and system, making it easier to monitor and manage.The housing is durable and has passed the full military grade mil std 810G test, ensuring that the system can withstand real world testing.Battery life is greatly improved. Choose such a laptop, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of employees at a lower cost and contribute to the output of enterprises.

Through the small notebook can make efficient decisions in different places, fundamentally improve the flexibility of the enterprise.To realize intelligent manufacturing, enterprises must use big data, including data collection, data management, order management, intelligent manufacturing, customized platform and so on.So as to help enterprises improve marketing targeted, reduce production investment risk.In addition, the analysis of big data can greatly improve the efficiency of storage, distribution and sales and reduce the cost, thus optimizing the whole supply chain.

3. Internet of Things

If cloud computing is the human brain, then the Internet of things is the human nerve center.It connects any item through the network, realizing intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management.To put it bluntly, the express information we use now is also the Internet of things.

The Internet of things has several key technologies: sensor technology, RFID tags, embedded system technology.These technologies of the Internet of things can flexibly create "transparent production, digital workshop and intelligent factory" for customers, reduce human intervention, improve the overall cooperation efficiency of factory facilities and improve product quality consistency.

Traditional manufacturing enterprises can not know the operation of equipment in the production process, and can only rely on experience to judge, until the equipment is damaged before the shutdown maintenance, or even replacement, resulting in a very high shutdown loss, equipment loss, time loss.For the equipment, commodity transport process is not controlled, easy to cause accidents.

The vast array of industrial equipment running in today's smart manufacturing industry, thanks to the deployment of the industrial Internet of things, makes it possible to improve decision making in the manufacturing process with more accurate data.It also enables real time and predictive maintenance of production equipment using data collected from devices and sensors on the network.But at the same time, the performance of the computer also put forward higher requirements.

Are there any laptops that meet the "high performance" requirements?The Latitude 7490 series is your sensible choice.A 14 inch full hd display with a narrow bezel that fits into a carry on bag.The highest configuration of Intel's latest eight generation i7 8650u, quad core eight threads, the highest core frequency 4GHz, small notebook to give you a top experience.

Memory up to 16GB DDR4, inexhaustible.The standard 256gb SSD comes with a maximum of 1TB SSD, giving you hundreds of times the speed of a conventional hard drive and huge storage space.A DisplayPort port with type c support not only charges your Latitude, but also connects up to two full hd monitors and other devices, which is quite powerful.

Such a high performance notebook, to deal with professional applications, I believe it will be a good helper for your work!

With the Internet of things technology, the real time perception of data can be used to identify product faults, and all factors in the production process can be precisely controlled, so as to truly realize intelligent production.

Only by mastering big data and applying it to the Internet of things and cloud computing can enterprises achieve intelligent and rapid development.