Wuhan Plastic Expo Will Be Held In June, Which Is Expected To Activate And Promote The Development Of Central China Plastic Market

- Jul 06, 2019-

The third China (wuhan) plastics industry exposition and BBS, known as the fine exhibition of plastic science and technology in central China, will be officially unveiled and held in wuhan international expo center from June 21 to 23.The exhibition is expected to cover an area of 20,000 square meters, with more than 350 exhibitors, more than 600 booths and more than 25,000 professional visitors.

It is said that this is a sister exhibition of zhengzhou plastic expo, a large-scale domestic plastic exhibition, which closed at zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center from March 26 to 28.In order to provide customers with more opportunities for market development, the series of exhibitions in the second half of the year will be moved to the largest exhibition hall in hubei province, wuhan international expo center located in hanyang, which is a one-stop professional exhibition platform for the plastic industry.

Wuhan plastic fair since China merchants, has attracted many attentions of the plastics industry enterprises, is now Japan steel, engle, garmin, dense, force strength, double horse, TongJia, ningbo, China, prosperous xin, HuaRong, best flourishing, matsui, the faith, the light, ABB, yaskawa,, carrying a brown, blond, LG, China and South Korea, Cincinnati, shipped, with large, bright, light industry machinery, named ", shi cheng, Fang Bang, cable, casting letter, tong ze, standard international, and other well-known brands at home and abroad consulting or reservation in advance.

For a long time, wuhan has a strong industrial foundation, mainly in steel, automobile, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, food and tobacco, energy and environmental protection.The transform and upgrade industrial structure adjustment, demand factors, such as huge development space, such as automobiles, equipment manufacturing, optoelectronics, electronics, electrical, biological, pharmaceutical, food packaging, paper, chemical products, chemical building materials, new materials, the rapid development of express industry, such as electric business platform, the high and new environmental protection materials, intelligent and efficient plastic machinery, precision mould, multiaxial robot joints, multi-functional plastic packaging equipment has strong market demand.

The wuhan plastics fair to be held will have positive significance in promoting the development of plastics market in wuhan and even around hubei province.