Why Does The Mask Industry Make Its Debut On The Market?

- May 28, 2020-

In recent years, I think everyone knows the air pollution in China clearly? For example: cars gradually increase exhaust emissions, industrial emissions, etc ... If people live in contaminated areas or work nearby, they may become air converters for the human body, and they will become ill after years of accumulation, so people have to choose Buy masks to love yourself.

A few days ago, in the online survey of the mask market, just one month of survey data showed that astonishing astronomical figures even one online store operator's monthly sales exceeded 10,000 orders, and the average price of each mask after analysis was 25 yuan. Left and right, this news only operates in one channel, what if it is promoted in other ways? What kind of sales will be generated?

At this time, the business opportunities for making masks cannot be ignored. It is understood that there are still many small and medium-sized manufacturers that use masks to produce masks. The consistency is low, the efficiency is slow, and the effect is not ideal. As a result of higher costs, the half-fold can establish a certain advantage. At present, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises producing mask equipment in China. It is known that "Southern Strength" is a breakthrough. First, technology research and development; second, service system.

Five suggestions for those who purchase mask equipment: 1. Choose a large-scale production enterprise; 2. Choose a company with a history; 3. Determine the usage of the serviced buyer; 4. Automated standards; 5. On-site machine proofing.

The mask machine equipment that is more widely used in the market include N95 mask machine, cup mask machine, folding mask machine, plane mask machine, duck mask machine and fish-shaped mask machine, etc., which are not elaborated here, I hope to purchase The wise choice of the mask equipment in mind.