Where Should Domestic Waste Plastic Recycling Go?

- Jul 03, 2019-

Why is it so hard to recycle small and medium-sized plastics? 

It can be said that every environmental protection supervision and regulation, more or less will have an impact on each industry.As for the domestic waste plastic recycling industry, it is still in the initial stage, mainly by small and medium-sized manufacturers responsible for recycling. 

However, in the process of rapid development, these enterprises have exposed more and more problems:

The waste plastic industry overall scale is large, the small enterprise quantity is many, the enterprise scale is small;Weak ability of technology development and application, backward technology, low level of equipment, low utilization rate of resources;The existence of secondary pollution harms the environment;The technology of classification and sorting is backward, the resources are wasted and the added value of products is low. 

For many years, China's waste plastic industry management is relatively mild, governance and closure is only a small scope, hoping to achieve the effect of "killing the chicken to set an example".However, each small range of treatment can only make a small number of enterprises pay attention to improve the regeneration process to reduce pollution, but can not touch the root. 

Environmental supervision of the plastics industry has more advantages than disadvantages

Environmental supervision regulation is constantly strengthened, that is happy or worried about the plastic industry?In the short term, the contradiction between supply and demand caused by environmental supervision will lead to the market price center of gravity.In the long run, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 

Industry standardization: survival of the fittest.By inspector to carry out the environmental protection, 3 without closing out a large number of procedures, "scattered, small," cottage plastic processing individual or enterprise, environment of governance at the same time, also from a certain extent, curbed the unfair competition of the plastic products market, normal company will quickly fill the market share, growth point for the products and market space, to ensure that industry's healthy and stable development. 

System perfection: through the baptism of the environmental storm, plastic enterprises will actively improve environmental supporting equipment, establish a mature environmental management system.Imperceptibly, its production and operation will gradually step on the road of sustainable, humanized and safe, so as to improve the environment of the plastic market and make plastic practitioners profit; 

Technological innovation: downstream plastic products enterprises no longer need to rely on price war to survive, and will focus on the adjustment of industrial structure.Enhance the capacity of self-innovation, constantly introduce high quality products and industrialization, in order to enhance the competitiveness of domestic technology, shorten the gap with the international. 

National plan for recycling domestic waste plastics

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of plastic products. In 2017, the total output of China's plastic products industry reached 75.1554 million tons, and plastics such as food boxes are facing the problem of difficult recycling. 

As a measure to save energy and protect the environment, during the 13th five-year plan period, plastic recycling will become the main theme and an important part of the development of recycled plastics industry. 

According to the industrial green development plan (2016-2020), 23 million tons of waste plastic should be recycled in China by 2020.We will accelerate the efficient use of renewable resources and standardize industrial development.We will accelerate the spread and application of advanced and suitable recycling technologies and equipment for major renewable resources such as waste plastics.We will build a number of industrial clusters of renewable resources, promote the coordinated utilization of renewable resources across regions, and build a system for recycling and utilization of regional renewable resources. 

According to the implementation plan of promoting the reform of solid waste import management system by prohibiting foreign waste entry, the development of domestic solid waste processing and utilization industry should be regulated.We will give play to the leading role of "urban mineral resources" demonstration bases, major demonstration projects for resource recycling and utilization, and demonstration parks for circular economy, as well as the leading role of key enterprises in recycling and utilization. We will improve infrastructure for recycling and utilization of renewable resources, and promote the development of domestic solid waste processing and utilization parks in a large-scale and clean manner. 

The green development of waste plastic industry

In the current severe environmental protection situation, some enterprises are faced with production suspension, closure, rectification, upgrading and other problems.Waste plastic industry only put environmental protection in the first place, green development can let enterprises go farther, go better. 

Industry veterans give advice:

Encourage industry integration, increase industry concentration and promote scale development through merger, reorganization and joint operation.We will promote intensive, tiered, and efficient use of resources and energy, and raise the level of utilization.Sharing infrastructure to reduce investment intensity;Promoting centralized treatment of pollution to facilitate pollution control and supervision;Promote high value utilization of waste plastics;Enhance the competitiveness of recycled plastics industry. 

In the new normal, the recycled plastics industry needs to do a good job in five aspects:

First, take environmental protection as the primary task of industry development.In the recycling, dismantling, logistics, transportation, processing and remanufacturing of waste plastic, adhere to the people-oriented, ecological priority, put an end to all at the expense of the environment and health. 

Second, the use of high value as the survival of the industry development.Strengthen the technological innovation of green recycling of recycled plastics, safe disassembly of devices, high quality modification and high value utilization, take the initiative to carry out technological upgrading, improve the utilization efficiency of resources, improve the technical standard and product value of recycled plastics products, expand profit margin and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry. 

Third, integrate the "Internet", carry out the big data mining of renewable resources, especially renewable plastics, realize the sharing of information, technology and other resources and the linkage of industries, and innovate the industry development mode by integrating new Internet financial thinking. 

Fourth, the depth of the development of domestic "urban mining" and solid waste resources, improving the recycling system construction, and put in more effort to further improve the electronic waste and automobile components and dismantling, living garbage and papermaking sludge bulk solid waste resource utilization technology route, all of them, and through the circle area management implementation green cycle, using the modified plastics technology for high use value. 

Fifth, encourage the import of recycled plastics with value-added quality.Ideas, and actively the development of the recycled plastic industry into the big country "area" development pattern, make full use of national policy and the industry has been the key technology and equipment advantages, encourage conditional enterprises and scientific research units to form a company, with the technology abroad, to establish the international renewable plastic industrial park, the new world of industry development, efforts to put more clean and high quality recycled plastic added to the national strategic resource requirements. 

In short, the waste plastic recycling industry has become an indispensable resource in economic development