What Protective Masks Are Reliable, Effective Protection In Life

- May 23, 2020-

Can cotton masks, gauze masks, activated carbon masks, and 3M masks that are currently on the market and online sell "anti-haze"? Is it appropriate to change the filter in the mask every few days? Previously, the Jiangsu Special Safety Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center issued a "mask risk monitoring and analysis report" at the Jiangsu Province Quality Supervision Bureau. The report pointed out that the PM2.5 masks purchased in large supermarkets and pharmacies and the higher price anti-fog haze Masks are more secure.

More than half of the 162 batches of drawn samples came from "online shopping". "There are several types of common dust masks, cartoon cotton masks, ordinary degreased gauze masks, disposable masks, activated carbon masks, industrial dust masks, PM2.5 masks, etc. Our sample inspections are not only in supermarkets, The purchase of pharmacies and other physical stores also covers the field of online shopping. "Lu Bing, director of Jiangsu Special Safety Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that the risk monitoring of this mask purchased a total of 162 batches of samples, including 70 batches purchased in the Nanjing market. 92 batches.

Lu Bing told reporters that from the overall situation, there are many mask distributors in the Nanjing market, mainly concentrated in pharmacies, large supermarkets and fashion stores. "However, there are more ordinary cotton masks in the physical stores, most of which are fashion masks. There are few professional dust mask brands in large supermarkets and pharmacies, and only a few businesses sell anti-PM2.5 masks and industrial dust masks." And Compared with physical stores, there are more channels for online purchases. Lu Bing said that after investigation, they found that there are many online shopping platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, No. 1 Shop, Yihao Pharmacy, and Jingdong. There are more than 10,000 mask dealers, and the variety of masks is relatively complete.

Cheap gauze and cotton masks are basically not haze-proof. "At present, there is no uniform standard for the haze prevention index of civil masks, but from the results of random inspections, cartoon cotton masks with a price of 2 to 10 yuan or gauze masks on the market basically cannot prevent haze." Lu Bing told reporters that in In all 162 batches of samples, there are 22 batches with a filtration efficiency greater than 90%, accounting for only 13.58% of the total batches. Most of them are anti-PM2.5 masks and industrial dust masks.

So, are disposable masks, activated carbon masks, gauze masks, fashion cotton masks, etc. also "haze-proof"? A series of data in the report gives the answer. The classification results show that: 88 batches of fashionable cotton masks have only one batch with a filtration efficiency greater than 90%, and those with a filtration efficiency of less than 50% account for 90.91%; those with a disposable mask with a filtration efficiency of less than 50% account for 76.92%; Accounted for 70.59%; gauze masks were "overwhelmed by the whole army". This shows that these types of masks have basically no protective effect on PM2.5.

It is recommended to buy a PM2.5 mask with a filter element. The reporter saw in the report that the sample images of 10 types of masks include the network-selling "3M" breathing valve masks, "pig-mouth" activated carbon masks, encryption dust masks, and so on. Are these professional dust masks "powerful" against smog? Lu Bing further interpreted several major misunderstandings in choosing masks.

"N90, N95 and other industrial dust masks purchased by many netizens are actually not suitable for people to use, and it is easy to cause dizziness and other physical discomfort when used for more than 4 hours." First, she suggested that the standard of PM2.5 masks was not introduced Before, use industrial masks with caution. "For example, the journey time is only about one hour. If it is not troublesome, you can choose some 3M masks to wear, but it is not recommended to use them for a long time." Secondly, many people choose the "pig mouth type" activated carbon masks, which are not well sealed, generally Only used in the field of medical or industrial dust. In addition, the encryption dust mask is a special reminder, parents should pay attention to avoid children using such masks to prevent suffocation and other situations.

"From the results of sampling inspections of various masks, we recommend that citizens choose cotton masks with PM2.5 filters." Lu Bing told reporters that such masks have a relatively high "haze resistance", but they should be distinguished when selecting activated carbon filter masks. . "There is an activated carbon filter on the market, which is dark gray to the naked eye, and some surfaces are also marked with anti-PM2.5. The actual anti-haze effect is not good." According to Lu Bing, the real anti-haze PM2.5 filter is light gray. In order to prevent the growth of bacteria when using this type of mask, it is recommended to replace a filter element about 3 days.