What Is The Production Process Flow Of Labor Protection Gloves?

- Jan 25, 2019-

Labor protection gloves are now essential in daily life, but many people are not very familiar with the production process of labor protection gloves, today I will introduce to you how to produce labor protection gloves.


Starting from the raw materials of labor protection gloves, starting from cotton yarn, the quality of cotton yarn gloves is related to the raw materials of cotton yarn.Good cotton yarn is durable, easy to clean and not easily damaged.Generally, there are automatic 10-needle machine to make semi-finished products, and then in the automatic textile gloves processing production.

The following is the use of automatic computer glove machine to adjust, mainly adjust unqualified products, until qualified.At the same time, the production workshop also requires the technical staff and staff to screen and sort cotton gloves, unqualified products are classified.

The next step is the sewing edge of gloves, which is an important link. Whether the thread is opened in the use process all depends on this procedure. After the completion of the previous procedure, the qualified gloves will be stitched and the finished products will be processed.

And finally, glue.Glue the gloves again, and the approved qualified gloves are packaged in a small package, ready to flow into the market and play its role.