Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Plastics And Rubber Industry Exhibition

- Aug 10, 2019-

Starting time: October 03, 2010 ~ October 06, 2010

Industry: plastic and rubber

Cycle: once a year

The exhibition to introduce

Viet chi minh international plastic and rubber industry show VietnamPlas has grown into an industry-leading professional show after its success in 2006.

The show has been seen as the best way to enter Vietnamese stores and the most effective way to promote products, machinery and services in Vietnam.The exhibition received great support from the ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam, the ministry of science and technology of Vietnam, the state investment and development bureau of Vietnam, the Vietnam rubber and plastic manufacturing association, the Vietnam printing association and the trade promotion commission of China.

VietnamPlas will be the best opportunity for them to pitch their products, find trading partners and envision future technology and development trends.Will also be for your business opportunities to develop and open up a new level. 

Ho chi minh's rubber and plastic industry is highly competitive in international shopping malls, especially in the areas of packaging, home and building materials.With the development of Vietnam's economy, more and more international capital investment is attracted.

Note: this exhibition is a professional B2B trade exhibition, only open to insiders, non-insiders and people under the age of 18 declined to visit.No retail activities will be provided.

Exhibits range

Plastics: blow molding, cast film production line;5. Financial pressure:Hot forming;Mold manufacturers;Extrusion molding machinery;Injection molding machine;Blow molding machine;Label printing machine, nozzle;Measuring, testing and analyzing instruments;Masterbatch.Petrochemicals and polymers;Plastic and rubber processing;Recovery machinery;Plasticizer, stabilizer and other chemicals

Rubber: rubber machinery and equipment, rubber products manufacturing and testing complete sets of equipment, single machine and technology;Rubber raw materials, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, skeleton material, thermoplastic elastomer, recycled rubber and rubber powder, mixing rubber, etc.Rubber auxiliaries, all kinds of rubber auxiliaries, carbon black, filler, etc.Non-tire rubber products, tires, tires, rubber hose, tape, automotive rubber products, mining engineering rubber products such as thermoplastic elastomer, polyolefin elastomer, styrene, polyester elastomer thermoplastic elastomer, polyamide, thermoplastic elastomer, containing halogen thermoplastic elastomer, ionic type thermoplastic elastomer, ethylene copolymer thermoplastic elastomer, polybutadiene thermoplastic elastomer, trans isoamyl, diene thermoplastic elastomer, melting processing thermoplastic elastomer, thermoplastic vulcanizates

The relevant information

Vietnam ho chi minh plastic rubber industry Exhibition VietnamPlas is by Vietnam national department of trade and industry of ho chi minh city international Exhibition company advertisement, Exhibition next year, the Exhibition is open Vietnam market an important platform to Vietnam, ho chi minh plastic rubber industry Exhibition VietnamPlas attracted 520 exhibitors from last time, number of customers reached 16093, Convention and Exhibition centre, sai kung, the Exhibition is in ho chi minh Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center,The exhibition area reaches 10,000 square meters.