Vietnam Hanoi Rubber And Plastics Exhibition

- Dec 24, 2019-

Duration: 2021.03.10 ~ 2021.03.13

Exhibition industry: plastic rubber

Duration: every two years

The exhibition to introduce

The Hanoi international plastics industry exhibition will be held at the Hanoi world convention and exhibition center for 4 days.

This exhibition is the most professional exhibition in the country's plastic industry. HanoiPlas fully covers the upper, middle and lower reaches of the plastic industry, and invites the world's exhibitors to pay attention to the expansion of the exhibition scale and the improvement of the quality, aiming to build a more professional and stronger international event for exhibitors.

The exhibition covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, with 300 booths, 200 exhibitors from 13 countries, including Germany, Japan, Singapore, India, Taiwan (33) and mainland China. The 4-day exhibition has welcomed more than 15,000 professional suppliers.

Hanoi plastic rubber Exhibition Hanoi Plas one is organized by the Vietnamese government ministry of trade, Exhibition next two years, the Exhibition is open Vietnam market an important platform to Hanoi Vietnam Hanoi plastic rubber Exhibition Plas one previous attracted 350 exhibitors from, number of customers reached 15000, the Exhibition is in Hanoi Vietnam Hanoi International conference and Exhibition Center, Exhibition Center, Exhibition area of 12000 square.

Note: this exhibition is a professional B2B trade show and is only open to insiders. Non-insiders and those under 18 are not allowed to visit.No retail activities will be provided on site. 

Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer reserves the right to change and adjust the exhibition schedule and venue without prior notice.

Exhibits range

Plastic: blow molding, flow film production line;Shrinking molding;Hot forming;Mould manufacturer;Extruding machine;Injection molding machine;Blow molding machine;Label printer, sprinkler head;Measuring, testing and analytical instruments;Masterbatch.Petrochemicals and polymers;Plastic and rubber processing;Recovery machinery;Plasticizers, stabilizers and other chemicals

Rubber: rubber machinery and equipment, complete sets of equipment, single machine and technology for manufacturing and testing of rubber products;Rubber raw materials, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, skeleton material, thermoplastic elastomer, recycled rubber and rubber powder, mixed rubber, etc.Rubber additives, various rubber additives, carbon black, filler, etc.;Non-tire rubber products, tires, tires, rubber hose, tape, automotive rubber products, mining engineering rubber products such as thermoplastic elastomer, polyolefin elastomer, styrene, polyester elastomer thermoplastic elastomer, polyamide, thermoplastic elastomer, containing halogen thermoplastic elastomer, ionic type thermoplastic elastomer, ethylene copolymer thermoplastic elastomer, polybutadiene thermoplastic elastomer, trans isoamyl, diene thermoplastic elastomer, melting processing thermoplastic elastomer, thermoplastic vulcanizates