Vietnam Hanoi Plastic Rubber Exhibition

- Nov 23, 2019-

Plastics & Rubber Vietnam is an international professional Rubber and Plastics exhibition held every two years by Messe Dusseldorf.

In the last Vietnam international plastic exhibition, nearly 149 enterprises from Vietnam, China, Germany, Italy, Singapore and other 20 countries and regions participated in the exhibition.All enterprises believe that the above series of exhibitions are a good platform for domestic manufacturers to find the latest products and technical solutions, as well as a good opportunity for domestic and foreign enterprises to expand cooperative operation, further promote the development of Vietnam's auxiliary industry and improve their market competitiveness.

Exhibits range

Plastic: blow molding, casting film production line;Pressure is shrinking;Hot forming;Mould manufacturer;Extrusion molding machinery;Injection molding machine;Blow molding machine;Label printing machine, nozzle;Measuring, testing and analysis instruments;Masterbatch.Petrochemicals and polymers;Plastics and rubber processing;Recycling machinery;Plasticizers, stabilizers and other chemicals

Rubber: rubber machinery and equipment, complete set of equipment, single machine and technology for manufacturing and testing rubber products;Rubber raw materials, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, skeleton material, thermoplastic elastomer, recycled rubber and rubber powder, mixed rubber, etc.Rubber auxiliaries, various rubber auxiliaries, carbon black, filler, etc.Non-tire rubber products, tires, tires, rubber hose, tape, automotive rubber products, mining engineering rubber products such as thermoplastic elastomer, polyolefin elastomer, styrene, polyester elastomer thermoplastic elastomer, polyamide, thermoplastic elastomer, containing halogen thermoplastic elastomer, ionic type thermoplastic elastomer, ethylene copolymer thermoplastic elastomer, polybutadiene thermoplastic elastomer, trans isoamyl, diene thermoplastic elastomer, melting processing thermoplastic elastomer, thermoplastic vulcanizates