Vietnam Hanoi International Plastics Industry Exhibition

- Jul 20, 2019-

The exhibition to introduce

The 10th VIETNAM plastics industry exhibition HANOI PLAS VIETNAM will be held at the HANOI international convention and exhibition center from April 24 to 27, 2019. The exhibition will last for four days.As a professional representative conference of the country's plastic industry, Hanoi Plas Print Pack covers the upper, middle and lower reaches of the plastic and packaging printing industry, and it is an excellent opportunity to directly explore local potential buyers, promote its products and an important platform to enter the asean market.

The 9th Hanoi Plas exhibition was successfully held in Hanoi international convention and exhibition center from March 22 to 25, 2017. A total of 120 exhibitors from 10 countries and regions attended the exhibition, attracting 6,057 visitors from home and abroad.The exhibitors from Vietnam accounted for 68% and 32%, mainly from China, Bangladesh, Denmark, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

According to the exhibition report, 34% of exhibitors come to the exhibition for the purpose of purchasing, while 17% come to develop new products.Eighty-two percent of exhibitors were satisfied with the show.

Market analysis

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, with a population of about 88.78 million, and Hanoi, with a population of about 6.9 million, is the current political center and economic investment center.Due to the advantage of labor cost, foreign factories are gradually moving from ho chi minh city to Hanoi.Hanoi is a new important city in the electronics industry. Due to the booming development of electronics, information and communication industries, the global demand for all kinds of plastic products keeps increasing, creating considerable business opportunities for the plastic machinery industry.

Vietnam's advantages: in January 2007, Vietnam officially became the 150th member of the world trade organization (WTO). Vietnam has emerged from its early isolation and become the world's second fastest growing economy (only after China).In 2007, the "emerging five" VISTA (Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and Argentina) proposed by the Japanese economist takashi shimura, Vietnam also ranked first.According to standard chartered's global economic survey, Vietnam was the second fastest growing country in Asia in 2016, behind India.

Vietnam's plastic industry relies heavily on imports for raw materials and equipment: Vietnam's plastic industry is currently facing a lack of raw materials, with 90% of its operations relying on imported raw materials, and its own production of raw materials can only provide 10% of the domestic demand.According to statistics, the annual import volume of this industry is 1.6 to 2 million tons, with an import amount of about 2.1 billion us dollars and an annual export volume of 750 million us dollars.