Trends In The Condom Industry

- May 24, 2019-

Pregnancy condom is one of the main methods to implement contraception and birth control measures.In 1970, China began to give birth control pills away for free.In 1974, condoms were made freely available.The target is married couples of childbearing age.According to statistics from the national family planning commission, in 2000, there were more than 9 million couples using condoms nationwide, accounting for about 4 percent of the number of people who had adopted birth control measures that year.Currently, about 1.2 billion condoms are purchased annually by the state and distributed free of charge to married couples of child-bearing age through the family planning drug supply management network.In addition, with the development of social economy, the floating population and other social groups on the demand for condoms is also increasing, promoting the formation and development of China's condom marketing market.

1. The demand for condoms is on the rise.

In the next few decades, the development trend of China's condom market will be a continuous growth in demand.It is based on the following:

First, in the next few decades, China's population is still on the rise, and the number of people of childbearing age is also on the rise.Strengthening population and family planning work and stabilizing the low fertility level will remain important policies implemented in the first decades of the 21st century.As a result, the total demand for contraceptives (including condoms) among people of reproductive age has increased, not decreased.

Second, the demand for condoms by married couples of child-bearing age will rise sharply as the family planning system generally implements quality services and the campaign of "informed choice" on contraception and birth control measures is carried out.

Third, at present, China has entered the rapid growth of the AIDS epidemic, the state council in the "China prevention and control of AIDS in the medium and long term plan" pointed out that the prevention of STDS, HIV and AIDS knowledge at the same time, should take one of the action measures, is "to actively promote the use of condoms.The Chinese center for STD/AIDS prevention and control is working on a condom promotion plan.

Fourthly, on the supply of condoms, the state commission of family planning will further promote the social marketing of condoms on the basis of the two supply models of free distribution and marketing, so as to cover all target groups and meet the needs of different masses to the greatest extent.

2, the production of condoms and market competition will be more intense.

The increasing demand for condoms will inevitably stimulate the production, import and expansion of investment scale.As condoms are classified as class ii medical devices, provincial drug regulatory agencies can be approved for production registration, foreign capital, joint ventures and private enterprises apply for registration and production of condoms will increase, condom market competition will be more intense, the disorderly state of the condom market will intensify and continue for a period of time.