The World Rubber And Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Center Will Shift To Our Country

- Jul 17, 2019-

According to reports, according to the German plastic and rubber machinery association (VDMA) recently released a report shows that in 2009, in the global plastic and rubber machinery output value, China accounted for 23.5%, Germany for 22.5%, Italy for 12.1%, the United States for 6.5%, Japan for 4.1%.It can be seen that China has surpassed Germany to become the world's largest producer of plastic and rubber machinery. 

Chang yizhi, researcher of chemical industry, pointed out that in recent years, the global rubber machinery market fell into a downturn, but, in China, because of the development of the tire industry, the domestic rubber machinery industry is developing very fast, making the distribution pattern of the world rubber machinery market gradually changed.At present, the center of gravity of global rubber machinery production has a tendency to shift to China.

On the one hand, the current global tire production enterprises have invested in China to set up factories, making the world tire manufacturing center in the gradual transfer to China, for China's rubber machinery production enterprises increased more orders demand, thus driving the rapid development of China's rubber machinery industry.

On the other hand, as the world tire manufacturing center in China to transfer, the world rubber machinery manufacturers have come to China to set up factories, and increase the cooperation with China's rubber machinery production enterprises, also accelerated the global rubber machinery to China to transfer the pace.

According to "2010-2015 China rubber machinery industry investment analysis and prospects forecast report" shows that at present, the global rubber machinery manufacturers a total of more than 800, among which, China's rubber machinery manufacturers accounted for more than 1/3, more than 300.Moreover, since 2003, China's rubber machinery sales revenue has been ranked first in the world for six consecutive years.Among them, in 2009, China's rubber machinery sales revenue accounted for 25% of the world.