The Same Is Nitrile Gloves. Why Is Some Nitrile Cheaper?

- Apr 03, 2021-

I believe I can see friends here, I have a certain understanding of nitrile gloves. But there will be a problem,

That's why many nitrile gloves on a treasure are sold very cheaply. Relatively speaking, high-quality nitrile gloves are a bit more expensive.

We know that in today's society, many companies are profit-seeking.

Stories about cutting corners of pork and cooking oil are endless. Nitrile gloves are also true.

Nitrile gloves are made of nitrile rubber, which has high sensitivity, good tensile and puncture resistance, high tensile strength and good abrasion resistance.

The raw materials and formulas to achieve this effect must be of high quality. You can check the ingredients of the nitrile gloves. Some cheap nitrile gloves are cheaper than our prices.

why is that?

First of all, these so-called nitrile gloves may be produced by some small workshops, which may not even have a business license.

In order to reduce costs, special measures will be used. Please continue to pay attention to more glove knowledge. A common method is to repack the recycled gloves.

The protective performance of gloves will drop a lot. Some do not even achieve the general protective effect, and will break once they are pulled off.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that purchasers not be greedy for cheap and buy low-quality nitrile gloves, which will cause harm to employees and harm the interests of the factory.

If you need nitrile gloves, it is recommended to buy them from a regular nitrile glove manufacturer.

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