The Rubber Machinery Will Realize The Market Transfer Of China Or The Emerging Market Center

- Jul 11, 2019-

The development of the tire mold industry and the development of the tire industry is closely linked, with the increase of automobile production, holding quantity, for its matching and replacement of the tire market will maintain the trend of rapid growth, tire mold manufacturing industry will also welcome the good opportunity for development.The world tire manufacturing center is shifting to the Asian market led by China, and the center of gravity of the world rubber machinery and tire mold is also shifting to China.

During the 12th five-year plan period, China's automobile industry will grow at an average annual rate of about 10%.China's huge car demand promotes the rapid growth of the tire industry, the car production determines the car tire supporting market capacity, and car ownership determines the car tire replacement market capacity.

Luo baihui pointed out that China's tire mold enterprises must improve the core competitiveness and innovation efforts.We will establish a system of technological innovation that is driven by enterprises, guided by the market, and combines production, education and research, and form a basic institutional framework for independent innovation.Vigorously open friends to economic and social development has a significant role in driving the new and high technology, support the development of major industrial technology, formulate important technical standards, build the technical basis of independent innovation.

In the international market, due to the continuous increase of labor cost in the industrial developed countries, they have to transfer moulds to the developing countries, especially those with better technological basis like China, in order to reduce the production cost.Multinational companies to our country to purchase mold trend is still developing, the international emerging market development is also promising.Therefore, throughout the development trend at home and abroad, "twelfth five-year" period of China's tire mold manufacturing industry development space is broad, China will become the world's big tire mold production country.

Facing the good market prospect, China's rubber tire mould enterprises must work hard on improving the core competitiveness and innovation.Therefore, we should take active measures in the following aspects: adjusting structure and the transformation of the mode of development, through innovation and cultivate to drive the industry transformation and upgrade technology, strive to promote the fusion of informatization and industrialization, effectively improve the quality and efficiency of development, development speed and quality improvement efforts to achieve coordinated, structure optimization, improved benefit.