The Plastic And Rubber Exhibition In Milan, Italy

- Aug 20, 2019-

Duration: 2021.05.05 ~ 2021.05.09

Industry: plastic and rubber

Cycle: every three years

The exhibition to introduce

The milan plastic show will be held at the milan international exhibition center.The exhibition is held every three years by assocomaplast, the Italian manufacturer of plastic and rubber machinery, equipment and mould (assocomaplast is the member of confindustria, the Italian federation of industry).

Italy's plastics and rubber industries are among the world's largest in both output and export.Although subjected to the influence of the financial crisis in 2009, but the Italian plastic rubber machine and mould manufacturers association (assocomaplast, is a member of the Italian industry federation confindustria, owns 170 plastic rubber machinery equipment and mold enterprise member), points out that the Italian statistics office istat statistics on August 1 - confirmed: in 2 subsequent severe crisis after the blow to our industry, now the industry has begun to recovery, including import and export.

In particular, it noted that its members' output rose sharply in 2010 (by about 20%), higher than the industry average.It is also worth noting that the total export volume of the industry increased by 10% compared with 2009, while the core equipment, such as injection molding machine, extrusion line and blow molding equipment, achieved an average growth rate of 14%, and the extrusion line achieved a jump of 30%.

At the same time, Europe is the world's main production area of plastic machinery, product marketing worldwide, in the precision, stability, service life and production efficiency are in the leading position, by the users of all countries.

For a long time to Italy's plastic and rubber machinery are firmly ranked third in the world, now has become the world's second.

Milan the leading Italian economy, industry of modern city, is one of Europe's most high-profile city, milan complete industrial categories, cars, airplanes, motorcycles, electrical appliances, railway equipment, metal manufacturing, textile, chemical plastic rubber products, medicine, food, etc., commercial, financial industry is also very rich, is Italy's most important financial center.

Europe is a highly industrialized region, per capita annual use of plastic, the demand for plastic machinery.

According to the feedback, exhibitors and visitors are very satisfied with the exhibition effect.Of the exhibitors surveyed, 82% think the exhibition is very successful or very satisfied with the exhibition effect.Audience satisfaction was 84 percent.

Note: this exhibition is a professional B2B trade exhibition, only open to insiders, non-insiders and people under the age of 18 declined to visit.No retail activities will be provided.

Exhibits range

Machinery and equipment: pre-processing machinery equipment, secondary processing equipment, recycling equipment, extruder, injection molding machine, molding machine parts, welding technology equipment, auxiliary equipment, workshop equipment and instruments

Raw materials: pigments, colorants, plastic additives and auxiliaries, plastic synthetic materials, propionic acid resins, fluoropolymers, thermal-solid plastics, modifiers, aluminum foil materials, medical materials and fishing gear materials, FRP raw materials, FRP related equipment and devices (molding devices, recycling, molding parts, etc.)

Finished and semi-finished products: wafer, stick, rod, foam and other semi-finished products, used in aerospace, health care, communications, business equipment, furniture and other aspects of the finished products

Industry organizations: process design, manufacturing services, quality assurance, product development, trade institutions and organizations, business services and media

The relevant information

Milan, Italy plastic rubber Plast exhibition, is by the Italian plastic rubber machinery equipment and mold manufacturers, exhibition next three years, the exhibition is open the Italian market an important platform, Milan, Italy plastic rubber Plast exhibition, attracted 1478 exhibitors from last time, number of customers reached 55175, the exhibition is in the new Milan will pavilion Fiera Milano Rho, exhibition area of 59714 square.