The New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic May Promote The Market Growth Of Medical Rubber And Balloon Products

- Aug 08, 2020-

In 2020, the new crown pandemic swept the world. As of the early morning of June 1, Beijing time, there were more than 6.1 million confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia worldwide, and the cumulative number of deaths exceeded 370,000. The continuous fermentation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation has led to a surge in global demand for medical rubber resources, especially medical rubber gloves. In the next few years, the global medical rubber and balloon product market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% or even higher.

Global medical rubber products mainly include bottle caps, infusion and infusion sets, bulb syringes, contraceptive products, medical masks, catheters, rubber bladder, etc. 

 During the continuous spread of the new crown epidemic, global rubber gloves, condoms, etc. have all been involved in the urgent and shortage of production capacity. It is understood that the current global condom market gap is as high as 100 million.

Rubber can be used to produce gloves, veils, knob syringes, tops, inserts, breathing bags, tubes, condoms, implants and blood transfusion sets. Most of these items are used for different operations, such as cardiovascular, thoracic cavity, stomach injuries, tumors, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, etc. At present, global medical rubber products cover North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa and other regions. The United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, China, Japan, India, Brazil and GCC countries have more demand.

The current new crown pandemic is driving the growth of the medical rubber products market. In addition, combined with the global development situation, the prevalence of chest and cardiovascular diseases, the continuous increase in the number of accessories and equipment worldwide, the continuous increase in health awareness, and the increase in health care expenditures are also driving the growth of the global medical rubber and balloon product market. At the same time, fierce competition in the entry-level market for medical rubber products, fluctuations in raw material prices, and strict laws issued by governments of various countries are also restricting market growth.