The New Crown Pandemic Promotes The Development Of Biodegradable Rubber Gloves

- Nov 27, 2020-

More than 2,000 workers from the world's top rubber glove manufacturers have tested positive for COVID-19. It is reported that the government ordered top glove companies to close their factories in phases so that all employees can be screened and those who test positive will be subject to mandatory isolation. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has led to a surge in demand for rubber gloves. During the epidemic, most of the 80 million gloves used by health workers every month are made of synthetic rubber, and they are eventually landfilled and can be stored for 100 years.

Meditech Gloves is collaborating with scientists at Cranfield University in the UK to develop a surgical glove using natural rubber that biodegrades 100 times faster than the widely used synthetic petroleum-based rubber products. When the pandemic broke out, Meditech Gloves expanded production to meet the large demand for natural rubber gloves. The company will switch to its biodegradable gloves and plans to start production in early 2021.

Krzysztof Koziol, a professor of composites engineering at Cranfield University and the inventor of sustainable rubber gloves, said the gloves can be completely biodegradable within a year, and more tests can reduce it to about a month. Koziol said, “The COVID is an awakening. We have the technology to do this instead of paying the price with piles of gloves in the ocean in the future.”

The inventor mentioned how to save energy in the production of natural rubber gloves due to a faster manufacturing process. The waste generated during the production of the new gloves has been reduced by 30%. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has led to a surge in global demand for rubber gloves. How to dispose of waste rubber gloves has become an urgent problem to be solved; at present, the most commonly used is the hard-to-degrade nitrile gloves; a large number of degradable rubber gloves production technology can solve the problem of waste rubber degradation. , And can ease the tension of rubber gloves.