The Global Medical Glove Market May Reach USD 7 Billion In 2020

- Jun 26, 2020-

In 2020, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has swept the world, leading to a surge in the market demand for medical gloves. It is expected that it will continue to grow in the next few years. It is understood that the global medical gloves market size reached 5.89 billion U.S. dollars in 2018; analysis and research believes that medical gloves will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.1% in 2019-2027, and it is expected that the global medical glove market will be worth 7 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 By 2027, it may increase to US$12.9 billion.

In 2019, the global per capita consumption of medical gloves was 33, the Netherlands was 276, the United States was 250, and Japan was 108. The per capita consumption of China and India was only 6, 10, which is lower than the global average; the United States, the European Union, Japan and other developed countries Practitioners in medical care, food, cleaning and other industries in the country have become the main consumer market for medical gloves based on usage habits and legal requirements.

Medical gloves are gloves that can only be used once and are best discarded after one use, especially when handling bacterial cultures or wearing them during surgery. Medical gloves are mainly used in medical institutions, such as hospitals, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, and diagnostic centers. These gloves are used during medical examinations and surgical procedures to help prevent any cross-contamination between medical staff and patients.

Increasing incidences of acute and chronic diseases, strict regulations on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), increasing concerns about safety and hygiene, and the increasing number of hospitals in developing countries have driven the rapid growth of the medical gloves market. The new crown pneumonia epidemic is a global alarm. The improvement of medical infrastructure and awareness of the safety and hygiene of people in the region. The medical gloves market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period.

Corn starch is added to the powdered medical gloves, which makes it easy to put on and take off the gloves. It helps to prevent the gloves from sticking together. It is expected to increase significantly during the forecast period; but due to allergic reactions in the air, it may affect medical personnel Health, the US FDA banned the use of powdered medical gloves, the future of powdered gloves market will continue to decline. The production of nitrile and natural rubber gloves is mainly concentrated in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. In the future, medical rubber gloves production enterprises may still be concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region.