The Future Automotive And Glove Industries Are The Main Factors Driving The Growth Of Isoprene Rubber Demand

- Dec 15, 2020-

The physical and chemical properties of isoprene rubber are similar to those of natural rubber, and it can be used in tires, car brackets, shock absorbers, adhesives, health products, sporting goods and coatings. At present, the global isoprene rubber market demand is continuously increasing. The rapid development of the automobile industry with employees is the main factor driving the growth of the isoprene rubber market. This trend may continue in the next five years, and isoprene by 2025 The market may achieve a double-digit compound annual growth rate.

Industrial production of isoprene is mainly carried out by thermal decomposition of natural rubber. It is easily obtained as a by-product of ethylene production and a by-product of thermal cracking of oil or naphtha. Isoprene is called a structural motif in most biological systems. Its physical properties are similar to those of natural rubber but its main components do not include fatty acids, proteins and other substances present in natural rubber.

The Asia-Pacific region is currently the main driving force of the global isoprene rubber market, mainly due to the explosive growth of the automotive industry in the region. In addition, the increasing awareness of the use of isoprene rubber gloves for various purposes (especially in surgical procedures and other medical care procedures) has also proven beneficial to its demand. North America and Europe are also important contributors to the isoprene rubber market. This is because people's awareness of hygiene continues to increase, which has led to the large absorption of isoprene rubber in the healthcare industry.

North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the rest of the world (RoW) are the main market segments of the global isoprene rubber market. The development of the automobile industry and people's increasing awareness of hygiene have led to an increase in demand for isoprene in the medical and health care sector, which will drive the rapid growth of isoprene market demand. With the continuous innovation and innovation of R&D activities, the wide application of end users is expected to provide opportunities for the growth of the global isoprene market, and the potential of bioisoprene will also increase the opportunities in the isoprene rubber market.