The Development Prospects Of Screen Printing Are Promising

- Dec 20, 2018-

    Screen printing, as a printing technology, has been regarded as an efficient, economical and practical technological means. Screen printing has the characteristics of pollution-free, small investment, quick effect, simple equipment and technology, easy operation, wide range of applications, fine printing, not sticking to one pattern and so on. More and more job-seekers are optimistic about screen printing, and have set foot on the road of screen printing. So what is screen printing?
    Line screen printing is one of the four major printing techniques that complement and promote each other, such as lithography, gravure printing and relief printing. They are called screen printing and screen printing, also known as silk leak, and are called printing in the printing industry.

    Because screen printing is not limited by the size, material and shape of the printing material, the printing method is flexible and diverse, the plate-making equipment is simple and convenient. One or two people can complete plate-making in one or two hours and put it into printing. It is very suitable for the ever-changing modern market, especially for the business of small batch, short delivery time and special printing requirements.

SP302-C 五色五面气球印刷机 3

    JUBAO balloon printing machine is a kind of machine which specially prints the enterprise (company) logo, the sign, or some pictures on the various latex (rubber) balloons, provides each enterprise company propagandizing the effect which renders the atmosphere.

    Floating balloon is a kind of lifting balloon made of PVC. The diameter of this balloon is more than 1.6 meters. Usually we are in the air.
    After hydrogen is canned inside the balloon, it can float in the air, commonly known as floating balloon. Balloon is not only an ornament, the main purpose of using it is advertising, because it can float in the air, so we can print the company logo or company name on the specific surface of the balloon, and because the balloon has a certain lift, we can also hang a banner under the balloon, which can not only write the slogan, but also write the advertising balloon, you can talk about it. Small balloons are of great use.