The Current Situation Of Latex Products Industry In Malaysia

- Apr 25, 2019-

In 2002, the global NR consumption reached 7.39 million t, among which the consumption of concentrated latex was about 908,000 t, accounting for about 12.3% of the total NR consumption.Malaysia consumed about 330,000 tons of concentrated latex in 2002, making it the world's largest consumer of concentrated latex.Malaysia's latex industry is dominated by the production of NR latex medical examination gloves, followed by the production of latex silk, liquid catheters and condoms.In this paper, the advantages of making NR latex as the material of choice for the production of the above mentioned products are emphasized, and the performance of various latex products is compared.Latex protein allergy problems and lack of appropriate information have led to negative reports on the use of NR latex and a shift to other non-latex products.In medical gloves, powder latex gloves are either transferred to powder free latex gloves or to gloves made from SR latex.This paper will discuss the research on NR latex and the progress of product processing technology, including the production of NR latex with very low residual protein content, the verification of the properties and behaviors of residual protein, and the production of latex products with very low protein content by using low-protein latex.These results have been used to reduce the amount of protein that can be extracted from latex products such as gloves, latex silk and condoms, thus minimizing allergy among latex users.Despite the problem of latex protein allergy, the environmentally friendly NR latex may continue to thrive compared to SR latex, but measures need to be taken to ensure low protein content.The latex industry has received research and development support from public research institutes sponsored by private companies, and the promotion of the products has been assisted by the Malaysian rubber export promotion association.At present, the latex products industry is eager to carry out product innovation and expand the scope of application.

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