The Current Situation And Future Of My Country's Latex Glove Industry

- Aug 25, 2020-

As the current world economic recovery situation is still not optimistic enough, sovereign debt, political turmoil, unemployment, etc. are still serious, causing the latex glove industry to grow weak and entering a relatively flat stage, the market enters a period of adjustment, and corporate competition pressure increases.

The latex glove industry is a labor-intensive industry with relatively low barriers to entry. It is a fully competitive industry. It has developed mature technology. Only those companies with sound management, outstanding technical capabilities, and strong international market development and maintenance capabilities can maintain Dominance.

For the domestic latex glove industry, the main problems faced are raw materials, increased labor costs, difficulty in market development, and the impact of new products on inherent fields. According to statistics from the China Rubber Industry Association, my country produced 720,000 tons of natural rubber in 2011 and imported 2.81 million tons of natural rubber. my country's dependence on foreign natural rubber is as high as 80%. Therefore, it is particularly important for companies in the latex glove industry to have raw material advantages.

Although the latex glove industry is not a high-tech and high value-added industry, its requirements for the production line of the company are still not low. With the further improvement of the AQL level of the US FDA for gloves, the quality of the production line and the perfection of the management system are related to The relationship between the operating conditions of enterprises is closer. Therefore, companies need to take the improvement of their own operating conditions seriously in order to gain an advantage in market competition.

From a market perspective, given the weak recovery of the world economy, slow consumption growth in the original import regions such as Europe and North America, and sudden increase in competitive pressure, it is difficult for companies to find good opportunities in mature markets, while emerging markets such as South America and the Middle East It is precisely the object worthy of further exploration and cultivation by Chinese enterprises. In 2012, China’s latex surgical gloves exports to Latin America increased by 145.55%, and their exports to Africa increased by 30.84%, especially for Venezuela, Brazil and other countries, which proved their presence in emerging markets. , China relies on its good international reputation and cost-effective advantages, and the export of latex glove industry has very good potential to be explored.

In addition, companies also need to pay more attention to the policies and regulations of countries around the world. Since 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has implemented stricter regulations on medical latex gloves, requiring medical examination gloves and surgical gloves for defects. The rate is lower to protect medical staff from AIDS, hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus infection. Pay close attention to the interpretation and prediction of policies, which plays an important role in preventing losses and planning ahead.

For the domestic market, companies should seize the opportunity of community medical and rural medical reforms and the state to solve the social medical problems caused by the aging population, and fully develop the market for the basic people. Combining the popularization opportunities of family medical equipment, miniaturization and personalized medical equipment, enrich products, enrich the variety, and forge ahead in the new design product market.

We believe that with the recovery of the world economy and the development of China's economy, foreign trade and market structure will also change. Global trade dependence will increase, commercialization will increase, industrial clusters and transformation will increase, and product structure optimization and innovation will increase. Therefore, we should make full use of the international division of labor and the facilitation of international trade to further develop my country’s latex glove industry and gradually increase its market share.