The 30th Indonesia International Manufacturing Machinery, Equipment And Materials Service Exhibition In 2019

- Jul 02, 2019-

30th International Manufacturing Machinery,Equipment,

Materials and Services Exhibitions

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Simultaneously held: machine tools, welding and cutting machinery exhibition/automation & logistics exhibition/hardware tools exhibition/industrial fasteners and accessories exhibition

Exhibition time: December 04-07, 2019

Venue: Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Indonesia

Organizer: PT Pamerindo Indonesia (member of Allworld Exhibitions Exhibitions)

Cycle: once a year

Exhibition overview:

Made in Indonesia is the largest international manufacturing exhibition in Indonesia, providing a professional business platform for the Indonesian manufacturing industry.

Combined with Indonesian machine tools, Indonesian hardware, Indonesian industrial automation and logistics, this event offers the most cost-effective way to expand your business in southeast Asia's largest manufacturing market.

Exhibition scope:

Machine tools, CNC machine, lathe, the forging and casting equipment, metal cutting machine tools, sheet metal processing machine, metal forming machine, CNC engraving machine, laser marking machine, welding equipment and supplies, assembling, welding and metal air compressor, compressor, hydraulic and pneumatic, hand tools and power tools, measuring and testing equipment, fasteners, and accessories, hardware devices, tools and clamping tools, safety protection devices, sensors, pipeline technology, the internal combustion engine and fire engines, grinding machine and polishing machine, grinding technology, lubricant, molding machinery, polishing tools, pumps and valves, aluminum alloy products and services, automation and robots,CAD/CAM/CAE, dies and molds, parts, components and parts, surface treatment technology, abrasive materials, boiler, busbar machine, drive and control, dust collector and filtration systems, industrial fans, flashlights and lights, ladders and platforms, mobile source, tool box & tools and accessories, workshop and storage cabinets, automatic conveying system, factory and warehouse automation, fluid handling and transporting, forklifts, cranes and ancillary equipment, material management and transport, flat-bed truck, process control, process control, transportation and distribution services, packaging systems, the iron and steel fasteners, non metric fasteners,Nuts, other industrial fasteners, keypins, plastic and nylon fasteners, screws, safety industrial fasteners, self-punching riveting and clamping systems, automatic tapping and thread forming, hexagon products, special custom fasteners, springs, stainless steel fasteners, screws and screws, processing parts, refurbished equipment, public facilities, etc.