The 21st Qingdao (China) Plastics Industry Expo

- Jul 13, 2019-

The exhibition profile


CPE "Qingdao (China) plastics industry expo" -- your wise choice


"Qingdao (China) plastics industry expo", referred to as "CPE", has developed into one of the domestic professional and international exhibitions since it was held.Review CPE2018 brings together 410 exhibitors from home and abroad from 9 countries and regions.The exhibition area has reached 32,000 square meters, and the professional visitors have reached 25819 times and 6 professional BBS shows, making a record high!


CPE2018 will follow the market development trend, lock in professional buyers from bohai bay, Japan, South Korea and southeast Asia, build a platform for better exchange of new technologies and market consultation, and increase the market share of exhibitors.CPE2018-- seize the unlimited business opportunities in bohai rim region and China's strong market!


★ exhibition influence


"CPE Qingdao (China) plastic industry exposition" now has become one of the plastic industry exhibition of China information industry, and the trade volume is high, the exhibition of professional service quality is high, the merchant satisfaction is high, the success of similar event in the country set a good brand image, guiding the new trends of plastic industry at home and abroad to communicate.It is an exhibition to expand and consolidate shandong and bohai bay market.


★ advantages of exhibition


Shandong and bohai rim region -- China's emerging plastic and rubber industry base:


In bohai bay economic zone, home appliances are the pillar industry of shandong, and an industrial chain with home appliances as the main line has been formed. Shandong has 8 vehicle production areas and 8 parts production bases, and shandong is also the aggregation area of medical plastic products.Liaoning has built four auto parts manufacturing bases in dalian, yingkou, chaoyang and jinzhou.Tianjin is the production base of electronic components, as well as the national export base of automobile and parts.Hebei has built a beginning to take shape auto parts industrial park......


■ previous exhibition analysis


★ exhibition review


The exhibition covers an area of 32,000 square meters, with 410 Chinese and foreign exhibitors and 25,819 visitors


· held high-quality BBS and new product release conference in the same period:


In a short period of three days, more than 410 domestic and foreign manufacturing experts including injection molding, extrusion, raw materials, mixing process, and mold were gathered to give keynote speeches and discussions on the sustainable development of the industry and advanced technologies to help the industry progress.


Some exhibitors of the last year: overseas exhibitors abborg, demag, Japanese steel, kebeilong, fanuc, chuan tian, hasis, lydan, yuwa, sanjin, etc.China and Taiwan well-known exhibitors Haitian, Ann, the secret, taichung machine, prosperous xin, abundant iron, dayu, love family, gm, garmin, BHP billiton, · device, electric heating the faith, the swan, heat, light, wei state, China China aerospace, Jin Wei, with big, Allah, Ming, TongJia, DaCheng, Dudley, xin da, chang longxing, guangzhou branch, lianguan, f can be auspicious, is wei, cb, fengyuan sincerely, Arnold, persistence, waves, develop project, visa, is wei, naruhito, binary painted sculpture, southeast, sinochem, treasure, dawn, wantong, jung, LuYan, bonnie, beauty, YiSiEr, west cloth such as particles.


★ exhibition highlights playback


Berger, Haitian injection molding machine enterprises, Ann, closely focusing on hybrid electric injection molding machine, such as fully electric injection molding machine, servo energy-saving injection molding machine, vertical compression type injection molding machine, electric and hydraulic drive injection molding machine, think billiton show professional high-speed thin wall snack box forming machine, hangzhou dayu E series all electric vertical injection molding machine, abundant iron company double color liquid silicone electric injection machines;


Xinyi electric heating, baiwang, huarge, tuostar, the manufacturer of plastic auxiliary machinery, demonstrated the full servo manipulator, new mold temperature machine, dehumidifier and dryer, pulverizer, volume-based and weight-based mixer, central feeding system, etc.


Times long new twin screw extruder, Shanghai precision preformer naruhito computer type, zhejiang macro vibration, huangyan plastic machinery factory show new multi-cavity series automatic PET bottle blowing machine, chang longxing five layers automatic winding film machine, bo yi precision machine automatic slitting machine, CS - 2012 sacks HaoCheng machinery show DPP - 450 - a full-automatic plastic lid of hot forming machine;


Asia Pacific international. Polymer new materials high-performance engineering plastics, a variety of thermoplastic elastomers.More than 20 yuyao enterprises composed of plastic, mold group, collective appearance in the exhibition.There are more than 256 exhibitors and nearly 100 new equipment displays.


■ audience analysis


★ audience source industry


Visit enterprise in household appliances, electronic products, auto parts, plastic packaging and containers, packaging printing, medical treatment is given priority to, invite other food, beverage, daily necessities, sports goods, toys, gifts, clothing, accessories, building materials, mould and parts processing and other industries, also invited, chemical research institutes, colleges and universities related industry association and the news media, investment and trade agency official visit.


★ the last exhibition pre-registration visitors


By December 1, 2018, online pre-registration for the visit will be welcomed by professionals.


Including heavy truck, gm, dongfeng motor, faw liberation, haier, hisense, tsingtao, yellow sea, pharmacy, hui ren pharmaceutical, soft control, double star, lucent, cofco packaging, almond shaped pharmaceutical packaging, little swan, shandong LuHua, Pepsi beverage, Delphi packard electric system, foxconn electronics, vtech, byd auto, the Shanghai tong auto parts, berg warner auto parts, Bosch automotive parts, yanfeng visteon, guangzhou Honda, hebei construction industry can treasure, guangdong midea, breakthrough appliances, cixi winter palace (refrigerators, electric appliances, China ningbo hua yuan in the plastic, supor electrical appliances, maple leaf LTD, haier group, packaging, ChinaShield snowflakes, three plastic group, treasure to recognize new building materials, the new pipe, wei star building materials, sibao fine chemical, north Yang cable, parkway, day plastic packaging group, changhong electric appliance, suye, let ring packing, tong hin plastic packaging, penguin group, yili group, Shanghai permitted, doxepin electronic materials, nanjing sharp boat pine and electronics, plastics, agms medical apparatus and instruments, dongguan mai xiang rubber products, auto parts, yong xin plastic, rubber and plastic, and jie changchun yingli auto parts, xu jing plastic, Volkswagen, flying eagle electric appliance, the sea fort automobile parts, tianyu rubber hose, rubber, mei Chen midea group, suzhou schlesser medical apparatus and instruments, hkAutomotive supplies, panasonic automotive electronics, bokelin pharmaceutical packaging, Great Wall motors, liangshan auto parts, Mars food, skyworth electronics, etc.


Visitors are: China council for the plastic packaging, pharmaceutical industry association, the shandong province automobile industry association of shandong province, shandong rubber industry association, zhejiang association of auto parts, plastic industry association Qingdao, Qingdao city food industry association, zhejiang yuyao plastic pavilion, yuan automobile rubber parts association visitors visitors, haier group, hisense group, etc.


■CPE exhibition range


Rubber and plastic machinery: injection molding machine, hollow molding machine, extruder, film blowing machine, casting equipment, braiding machine, rubber machine,


Mixing equipment, rolling equipment, etc.


◆ auxiliary machinery: plastic auxiliary machinery, manipulator, plastic and rubber recovery equipment, testing equipment, post-processing equipment, instrumentation;


◆ packaging: plastic packaging equipment, plastic printing equipment, soft packaging processing equipment;


Moulds: all kinds of plastic processing moulds, tire moulds, spare parts, etc.


Raw materials: plastic and rubber raw and auxiliary materials, additives and semi-finished products, ink, particles, adhesives, etc.