The 2018 International Rubber And Plastic Exhibition

- Jul 12, 2019-

At present, the multi-polarization of the world is deepening, emerging markets and developing countries are rising together, and China is increasingly taking center stage in the world.Scientific and technological innovation is the strategic support to improve social productivity and comprehensive national strength.According to the statistical bulletin of the national investment in science and technology in 2016, China invested 1,567.67 billion yuan in research and development (R&D) in 2016, an increase of 10.6% over the previous year, of which 77.5% was invested by enterprises.The contribution of scientific and technological progress has reached 56.2%.The accelerated development of scientific and technological innovation makes China a powerful force reshaping the global innovation pattern.

Forge ahead in the new era, innovation plastic future

From the rapid expansion of high-speed rail, aircraft carrier launch, to the beidou network, tianyan, quantum communications, artificial "sun"...A bright "business card" bears witness to the pace of technological innovation.In recent years, rubber and plastic industry, an important basic industry in manufacturing industry, has developed rapidly and has a broad prospect, and its technological innovation is particularly important.Ms. Liang yaqi, general manager of CHINAPLAS exhibition service co., LTD, the sponsor of CHINAPLAS, said: "innovation is a very important weapon for the rubber and plastic industry, and also a magic weapon for CHINAPLAS international rubber and plastic exhibition.As an important platform to promote technological innovation, the exhibition complies with the latest requirements of many rubber and plastic application industries, such as automobile, electronics, packaging, construction, medical treatment, etc., showcasing the world's cutting-edge and popular rubber and plastic solutions, constantly stimulating the exchange and collision of new technologies.To this end, we set the theme of this exhibition as "innovation shapes the future", expressing the positioning and expectation of technology-led and innovation shaping the future of the industry.

The CHINAPLAS 2018 is expected to attract more than 4,000 leading exhibitors from 40 countries and regions, with an exhibition area of more than 320,000 square meters, setting a new record for the exhibition scale.When you are good at chess, you will find the big picture.The exhibition has been comprehensively upgraded, focusing on the three directions of "intelligent manufacturing, high-tech materials, and environmental protection technology", helping upstream and downstream enterprises in the rubber and plastic industry to blow the horn of innovation, set the tide of The Times, occupy the heights of technology, and seize the opportunity of The Times.

Industry 4.0 is reshaping every aspect of today's economic and social development with unprecedented depth and breadth.Intelligent manufacturing is the core direction of a new round of industrial reform and continues to create new opportunities for manufacturing innovation and development.

After visiting the last exhibition, Mr. Cao wanwen, senior manager of structure and technology department of meizu technology co., LTD, said, "this exhibition provides a lot of solutions for mobile phone manufacturers and terminals, and keeps pace with The Times in industry 4.0.In the exhibition, I saw a lot of intelligent equipment and industrial 4.0 equipment, including mold automation and processing equipment automation, making people feel that the era of industry 4.0 has come.

Active transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing has been listed as a key field of transformation.Home appliance enterprises are looking for workshop automation production, equipment interconnection and visualization and other intelligent manufacturing upgrade solutions.At CHINAPLAS, exhibitors launched a large number of intelligent manufacturing solutions catering to enterprises' urgent needs.The e-motion 80 TL injection molding machine marked by inject4.0 combines the advantages of all-electric drive technology and engel's no-pull rod technology to ensure the high production power of industrial specific fine parts and optical parts.Zhenxiong SPEED servo drive energy-saving high-speed injection molding machine, cycle cycle only 1.5 seconds, the maximum SPEED of 300mm/s, can achieve very fast production cycle.It is a special high-speed molding machine for injection molding of mobile phone accessories, precision electronics and medical consumables, with fast speed, short cycle, high repetition precision, stable product size, stable performance and quality, which can meet the large-scale and long-term automatic production.

High performance plastic with its outstanding low density, high strength, good molding, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-bacterial, anti-ultraviolet and many other advantages, is gradually replacing metal and other materials, and help to create high value-added products, maintain the leading enterprise technology and market.

In the automotive industry, the application of engineering plastics and carbon fiber composites can significantly reduce the weight of automobile parts and vehicles.For new energy vehicles, the power battery is the core part.Carbon fiber composite material is used to make the load-battery box body of the power battery, the weight of which is 80% less than that of the steel material, and it has anti-corrosion, waterproof, flame retardant, long service life and other properties, which can effectively fight against the bad operating environment at the bottom of the car.The air conditioner air conditioner blade is mainly made of PA6 with high rigidity. Due to its high fiber content, the surface of the product is prone to float and whiten during the injection molding process. The PA6 material by jin Yang has successfully solved this problem and improved the appearance of the product.

In the medical industry, the application and research and development level of manufacturing technology, new materials have a huge impact on the industry.To closely grasp the industry trend, improve product quality, increase independent innovation ability, and find more safe and environmentally friendly high-performance medical plastics has become the focus of the industry.In addition to PVC, PP and other traditional materials, some functional materials, such as polymers with good biological compatibility, new implant materials, sterilization-resistant or gamma-ray resistant materials, conductive materials are also widely used.White's LUVOCOM material is suitable for all kinds of disinfection methods, resistant to repeated disinfection, so it can be used to make reusable medical equipment components, such as: dental instruments, minimally invasive surgical instruments handle, etc.LUVOCOM can also meet the requirements of high temperature resistance, repeated disinfection, anti-static/electromagnetic protection, and dyeing. Therefore, it can also be used for the manufacture of special color buttons, connectors and insulators, pump valve parts, anti-static rollers and other medical equipment parts.