The 19th Vietnam (ho Chi Minh) International Plastics Industry Exhibition, 2019

- May 09, 2019-

The exhibition shows

The 19th Vietnam (ho chi minh) international plastics industry exhibition, 2019

Exhibition date: October 3- 6, 2019

Venue: Saigon international exhibition and convention center, ho chi minh city

Exhibition period: once a year

Exhibition introduction:

This exhibition is a national machinery industry exhibition with strong international, professional and trade characteristics in Vietnam.The exhibition is strongly supported by the ministry of trade, ministry of industry, ministry of investment planning, ministry of science and technology and ministry of environmental protection of Vietnam, as well as government departments and professional associations such as Vietnam machinery association, plastic association and mold association.The exhibition was first held in 2000 and is held annually.The last exhibition size is 18000 square meters, with 720 booths, from Vietnam, in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, South Korea, more than 10 countries and regions such as Germany and Italy's 470 exhibitors exhibits took part in the exhibition, to carry the foreign exhibitors ratio over 80%, received professional audiences about more than 20000 people, has achieved remarkable achievement exhibition activities.

Market introduction:

Vietnam, with a population of 91.7 million, has joined the asean free trade area, established diplomatic relations with the United States and signed free trade agreements with the European Union since 1995.Ho chi minh city is not only the largest city in Vietnam, but also the most important economic center in Vietnam, accounting for 20% of Vietnam's GDP.Ho chi minh city supplies 33 percent of Vietnam's national income, and ho chi minh city accounts for 33 percent of the country's imports.Ho chi minh city now has 13 processing export zones and industrial zones, and has invested with 1,000 domestic and foreign manufacturers, employing more than 250,000 workers.

In 2015, Vietnam's economic growth rate was 6.68%, higher than that in 2014. Among them, industrial and construction industry grew by 9.64%, service industry grew by 6.33%, agriculture, forestry and fish industry grew by 2.41%, export grew by 7.9% (US$162.11 billion), import grew by 12% (US$1,655.55 billion), approved foreign investment (new cases and capital increase cases) was about US$22.757 billion, growing by 12.5%.

Due to the weak industrial foundation of Vietnam, about 90% of the mechanical equipment needs to be imported, and China's mechanical products are more suitable for the current market demand in Vietnam than similar products of other countries in terms of price, quality, service and other aspects, so it has a greater competitive advantage in Vietnam.At present, the brand "China machinery" has been widely accepted by the Vietnamese machinery market and enjoys a high reputation.

Exhibit area:

Plastic machinery and equipment: injection molding machine, film blowing machine, plastic calender, hollow blow molding machine, plastic molding machine, plastic granulator, plastic extruder, auxiliary machine of plastic machine, other plastic machinery, feeding regeneration crusher, film drawing machine, foaming equipment

Packaging machinery and materials: vacuum packaging machine, box pasting machine, bag making machine, filling, filling, sealing, box sealing, labeling machinery, strapping machine, packing machine winding equipment, coding machine, coding machine, etc.;Corrugated honeycomb paperboard equipment, carton machinery