Thailand's Exports Of Rubber Gloves Skyrocketed

- Sep 10, 2020-

According to reports, on March 30, Thailand’s exports of medical rubber gloves skyrocketed. Due to the impact of the epidemic, exports in the Chinese market increased by 192% in the first two months. Officials suggested that it is necessary to make rubber gloves a key national industry to support development.

Rubber gloves are not only used for medical purposes, they are also widely used in other industries, such as food processing industry, hotel services, aviation industry, chemical companies, and even ordinary companies.

Natural rubber is the best raw material for medical rubber gloves. Although the use of synthetic rubber is increasing, it still cannot replace the status and characteristics of natural rubber. Now that the new crown pneumonia continues to spread globally, the demand for the most basic materials of medical rubber gloves will also skyrocket.

Based on the current demand trend, the global medical rubber gloves market will increase by 10% year-on-year in 2020, which means that the total demand for rubber gloves will exceed 330 billion this year. According to official data, the total value of medical rubber gloves exported by Thailand in the first two months alone exceeded 6.355 billion baht, an increase of 0.97%. In particular, exports to the Chinese market surged 192% year-on-year, with a total value of 410.67 million baht. This is also a record high for the Chinese market.

The United States is Thailand’s largest export market for rubber gloves. In 2019, the total export value was 17.3 billion Baht, and the export value in the first two months of this year was 2.876 billion Baht. In terms of increase, China is undoubtedly the largest, with cumulative exports of more than 400 million baht in January and February alone.

Officials believe that Thailand has advantages in natural rubber raw materials resources, but it is not the world's largest exporter of rubber gloves. It is necessary for the government to take this to elevate Thailand's rubber gloves to a higher level as an industry that the policy focuses on supporting the development.