Study On The Application Of PSR Series Waterborne Color Paste In Natural Latex

- Mar 13, 2019-

In the industry of natural latex products, latex balloon and latex gloves are two products that occupy a large proportion. The competition in the industry is also fierce. How to reduce production costs and how to improve the quality of latex products, such as voluptuousness and fastness, is a question that every manufacturer has been thinking about.Especially in the coloring part, how to use environmentally friendly water-based color paste?How to improve the brilliance of latex color?

Factors affecting the quality of latex products

The quality and grade of latex products mainly depends on the following factors: the quality of raw latex, latex vulcanization process control, colorant is the choice of dry powder or pre-dispersed good water-based color paste and product post-treatment and so on.Although the choice of raw material latex is important, but the real impact on product quality or vulcanization process and the use of colorants.

Coloring of latex products

For the coloring of latex products, many producers in order to reduce the cost, or in the use of "dry powder coloring" of the old method: pigment powder directly mixed with latex, or before adding the pigment powder for very rough grinding dispersion.Little did they know that the coloring problem is also the key factor affecting the quality and grade of latex products.In fact, because the dry powder formula is too simple, the production equipment is backward, even if mixing or grinding for dozens of hours, the color paste fineness and coloring force is still difficult to have a great improvement, and storage stability is poor, easy to produce stratification and precipitation phenomenon, can only be used now.


The key is that the dry powder pigment is not dispersed very well, so that not only the amount of additives needed for coloring will be large, but also its color brightness and brightness is not satisfactory, which will seriously affect the grade of latex products.In general, although the cost of dry powder coloring in raw material is slightly lower than that of color paste, but because of the production time is very long, add a large amount and the effect is not good, so it can not really achieve the goal of saving costs and improving quality.

Water-based color paste is added to the latex system to provide the latex products with bright colors and excellent brightness.First of all, the water-based color paste must have a good compatibility with the latex system, otherwise it will cause uneven color products, poor brightness and difficult to roll the edge and other problems.Therefore, when designing PSR latex water-based printing ink formulation, we choose to additives and latex system compatibility tests have been carried out respectively, compatibility is bad to can't add some fertilizer variety, some big proportion of the additives will have a problem need to strictly control the adding amount, this avoids the customer when use to produce all sorts of problems caused by poor compatibility.

At the same time, water color paste in the latex system before the application, must achieve a better degree of dispersion, so not only can avoid large pigment particles caused by latex condensation, color point and other problems, water color paste good fineness can also produce a higher coloring force, bright hue and excellent brightness.

Because the color of PSR water-based paste production USES the high quality raw materials, unique formula and advanced process equipment, product fineness control up to 4 micron, the vast majority of particles in the 2 micron, which product has good storage stability, brilliance and brightness is far higher than that of "dry powder", the solid content of similar cases, printing ink tinting strength of "dry powder" of 150 ~ 200%, thus can greatly reduce usage, cost savings, and provide excellent application performance.

The PSR water-based color paste of caisheng can be added together with the vulcanization components or after the vulcanization of the latex is finished and mixed thoroughly.

Vulcanization process of latex

Another key factor affecting the quality of latex products is the vulcanization process.

Vulcanization process of latex products due to the application of different performance requirements vary, and for the same industry or roughly the same.Just accumulate as a result of experience different, to how can make better product, each producer also can have him to conceal the experience that keep secret.

Vulcanization of latex refers to the vulcanization of rubber in the state of latex by adding vulcanizing agent and accelerator and other performance agents and process agents. The obtained latex is vulcanized latex.The vulcanized latex still maintains a colloidal water dispersion system.Vulcanized latex is unstable in nature and can only be used after a certain period of time.Vulcanization of latex can be divided into two steps: one is in the polymer particles of vulcanization, known as pre-vulcanization or pre-vulcanization, two is between the polymer particles of vulcanization known as post vulcanization.Prevulcanization is carried out in the state of latex, and then vulcanization is carried out after film formation.We usually talk about the vulcanization mainly refers to the film before the pre-vulcanization.