Solemn Announcement

- Sep 16, 2020-

Solemn announcement

Due to the impact of the new crown virus epidemic, the current glove industry is relatively hot. Many domestic machinery manufacturers fraudulently use our company's glove production line product pictures, materials, videos, quotation plans, etc. to deceive customers to place orders and receive orders, which seriously infringes our company's rights and interests. , Our company will reserve the right of legal prosecution, please withdraw the relevant information as soon as possible by the relevant manufacturers, otherwise our company will pursue relevant legal liabilities.

The following are our products and videos:

glove dipping line (20)(1)

Manufacturers fraudulently using our information materials:

Xiamen Bo Xinliang


Zhangjiagang Suhui


Zhangjiagang Beach



Qingdao Taigao


Jiangsu Zhixue High-tech