Shenzhen International Plastic And Rubber Industry Exhibition

- Aug 14, 2019-

Starting time: September 23, 2019.09.23 ~ September 25, 2019.09.25

Industry: plastic and rubber

Cycle: once a year

The exhibition to introduce

Shenzhen is the most developed polymer industry, the most intensive enterprises, the most complete industrial chain.According to incomplete statistics, as of late 2014 shenzhen polymer industry output value of about 210 billion yuan, accounting for 10% of the national high polymer industry output value, in companies, more than 1 billion yuan output value of enterprises above 50, 100 million yuan more than thousand, listing, a listed company, over hundred national high and new technology enterprise.

Shenzhen - "China's reform and opening up to build the first special economic zone", "one of China's four big cities", "national electronic information industry town", "foreign trade exports 24 years of large and medium-sized cities in the nation's first", "investment in shenzhen has amounted to 197 world top 500 enterprises", "national comprehensive reform pilot area", "national economic center city", "national innovative city", "ShiFan socialism with Chinese characteristics", "international city", "design it all", "the city of piano", "city of the guest.

Note: this exhibition is a professional B2B trade exhibition, only open to insiders, non-insiders and people under the age of 18 declined to visit.No retail activities will be provided.

Exhibits range

Plastic materials industry: plastic, chemical materials and additives, plastic machinery, rubber, elastomer and machinery, plastic and rubber auxiliary equipment

Plastic equipment industry: plastic packaging film product categories: convex, concave, silk, move, hot, hot stamping and slicing, slitting machine, laminating, sealing and cutting, bag making, tape, adhesive tape, film and sheet, film forming and processing machinery, film raw materials and chemical products, such as cutting machine, double roller plasticator, recycling line, cold pressing powder granule/powder compaction machine, net changer/melt filter, crushing equipment (crusher, crushing machine, shredding machine and rotary granulator), production line for mixing, mixing machine, plastic machine, classification and the dust removal system

Plastics: plastics: general plastics, engineering plastics, modified plastics, recycled plastics, plastic alloys, engineering modified products of general plastics, plastic products, various engineering plastic forming materials, semi-finished products and finished products are used in electronics, household appliances, automobiles, construction, aviation and aerospace products

Chemical raw materials and additives: reinforced material, all kinds of fiber, masterbatch, resin, polyurethane, additives, adhesives, antioxidant, anti mist, antistatic agent, sealant, inhibitor, light stabilizer, colorants, coupling agent, flame retardant agent, forming agent, heat stabilizer, lubricant, plasticizer, resistance to ultraviolet light stabilizing agent, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, etc

Plastic machinery, plastic packaging machines, blow molding machine, blown film machine, injection molding machinery, mechanical arm (take out the machine), the central providing and auxiliary equipment, hollow molding machine, extrusion machine and extrusion line, plastic machinery spare parts, machine equipment, foam, reaction/reinforced resin auxiliary machinery, design and production systems, measurement, control and test equipment, processing and recycling machinery

The relevant information

Shenzhen International plastic rubber industry exhibition SZPlas is by guangdong plastics industry association, Shenzhen high polymer industry association, the International exhibition services (Shanghai) co., LTD. Held the exhibition next year, the exhibition is open the Chinese market an important platform, Shenzhen International plastic rubber industry exhibition SZPlas attracted 800 exhibitors from last time, the number of customers reached 20000, the exhibition is in Shenzhen Convention and exhibition center Shenzhen International Convention, exhibition area of 12000 square.