Shanghai Plastics And Rubber Industry Exhibition

- Dec 05, 2019-

Time: 2020.04.21 ~ 2020.04.24

Exhibition industry: plastic rubber

Duration: once a year

The exhibition to introduce

APPLAS is one of the world's most important biennial events.Plastic rubber industry is one of the fastest developing industries in China since the reform and opening up.In recent years, the world's famous brands have moved their production plants to China, which has become a global base for plastic and rubber.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of joint ventures and cooperation with foreign countries, the level of plastic and rubber products in China has also been greatly improved. Many multinational plastic and rubber industry giants have increased their cooperation and investment in China and become the exhibitors of APPLAS 2013. 

Is considering the exhibition in the important role of the market economy development, as well as the reality of plastic rubber industry has been highly internationalized, by China light industry federation, China petroleum and chemical industry federation, China mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce, China light industry machinery association, the director unit of China united equipment group co., LTD. A number of industry sponsored by the "Asia Pacific international plastic rubber industry exhibition APPLAS, and aimed at the show" internationalization, high level, market oriented and technology oriented ". 

After 13 sessions of development, "APPLAS" has become an important professional exhibition of plastic and rubber in China.APPLAS has become one of the main channels for Chinese plastic and rubber enterprises to seek and increase exports.

Plastic rubber industry Exhibition in Shanghai CHINAPLAS is held by the adsale Exhibition group, Exhibition next year, the Exhibition is open the Chinese market, an important platform of Shanghai plastic rubber industry Exhibition attracted 1200 exhibitors from CHINAPLAS last year, number of customers reached 50000, the Exhibition is the National Convention Center in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, Exhibition area of 46000 square.

Note: this exhibition is a professional B2B trade show and is only open to insiders. Non-insiders and those under 18 are not allowed to visit.No retail activities will be provided on site. 

Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer reserves the right to change and adjust the exhibition schedule and venue without prior notice.

Exhibits range

Plastic equipment: plastic injection molding production technology and equipment, mechanical arm extractor, central feeding and auxiliary equipment, mold and mold components manufacturing equipment.

Plastic extrusion production technology and equipment: plastic foam sheet, blowing film, bag, pipe, profile, sheet, round wire, flat wire, wire and cable, mixing, granulation and other production equipment.

Rubber machinery: rubber, tire machinery and supporting products, testing and control instruments, surface treatment, lighting equipment, post-treatment equipment.

Plastic hollow molding production technology and equipment: plastic extrusion blow molding, injection molding blow molding, injection stretch blow molding hollow molding production technology and equipment.

Related supporting equipment and various parts: mixing equipment, mixer, feeder, dryer, crusher, chiller, vibrating screen, granulator, reduction gear, mold temperature machine, ultrasonic welding machine, motor electrical components, steam hydraulic components, heaters, screw, cover and other auxiliary equipment.

Plastic packaging: letterpress, gravure, screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, heat transfer printing, slicing, slicing, laminating, sealing, bag making, adhesive tape manufacturing.Plastic and rubber raw materials, additives, masterbatch, finished products and semi-finished products.