Saudi Plastics And Rubber Printing And Packaging And Chemical Industry Exhibition

- Oct 26, 2019-

Starting time: 2020.01.13 ~ 2020.01.16

Exhibition industry: plastic rubber packaging chemical industry

Duration: every two years

The exhibition to introduce

To jeddah Saudi international plastic rubber, printing and packaging and chemical show prompt, growing with Saudi plastics and printing and packaging industry, has become a Saudi a UFI certification of the largest plastics and packaging professional exhibitions, and Saudi Arabia and even the entire Middle East plastic and the development of packaging industry had a positive role in promoting.Currently, Saudi PPPP is not only the largest exhibition of plastic bag industry in Saudi Arabia, but also the industry insiders increasingly recognize its far-reaching influence in the development of plastic bag industry in the Middle East!

The exhibition will be held every year in jeddah and Riyadh every two years.The international exhibition of plastic printing and packaging will be held in jeddah, Saudi Arabia's largest port.

Saudi PPPP will bring together hundreds of local, regional and international exhibitors, dozens of official organizations, clubs and development organizations, and thousands of professional visitors.It offers engineers, industrialists, entrepreneurs and businessmen a unique opportunity to learn about new products and solutions.

Saudi plastic rubber, printing and packaging and chemical Saudi is from Riyadh Exhibitions Company (REC), exhibition next two years, the exhibition is open the Saudi Arabia market an important platform to Saudi Arabia plastic rubber, printing and packaging and chemical exhibition attracted 750 exhibitors from Saudi last year, the number of customers reached 213952, the exhibition is in Jeddah conference and exhibition center Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events,The exhibition covers 13,870 square meters.

Note: this exhibition is a professional B2B trade show. It is only open to industry insiders. Non-industry insiders and people under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit.No retail activities will be provided on site. 

Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer reserves the right to change the exhibition date and venue without prior notice.

Exhibits range

Plastic machinery and materials: injection molding machine, extrusion equipment, film blowing machine, bottle blowing machine, mould blister machine, extruder, calender, plastic petrochemical processing machinery;Plastic plate, plastic products, plastic pipe, etc

Packaging machinery and materials: packaging machinery and accessories, packaging testing equipment, vacuum packaging machine, box pasting machine, bag making machine, filling, filling, sealing, sealing, labeling machinery plastic soft packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, plastic packaging materials

Printing equipment and materials: printing plate production equipment and system stamping equipment, sheet-fed offset press, web offset press, flexographic press, relief press, gravure press, digital press and digital printing system, screen printing machine, plate printing machine, special printing machine, etc

Chemical materials and equipment: fine chemical, organic and inorganic chemical raw materials, surfactants, reagents;All kinds of plasticizers;Engineering plastics, polymer materials, etc