Round Tube Polishing Machine And Disc Polishing Machine

- Oct 24, 2017-

Round tube Polishing Machine

Multi-round tube polishing machine is the use of centerless grinding principle, by polishing and sent into the two major institutions, by adjusting the feed of the grinding head, the workpiece can be yu by grinding or fine grinding, and by adjusting the guide wheel spacing, the workpiece can be processed with different specifications, and the machine is sent into a stepless variable speed device, which can change the feed speed of the processing parts, So that the workpiece to achieve the desired grinding and polishing effect. And according to the workpiece's different materials and polishing requirements flexible selection of emery cloth page wheel, hemp wheel, cloth wheel, nylon wheel and other polishing tools to the workpiece grinding. The workpiece pallet is made of wear-resisting material, which can not be adjusted frequently. When the workpiece specification changes and adjusts, the machine adopts the structure of "unidirectional moving two-way in place", which simplifies the adjustment work of the pallet. The complete production line consists of polishing machine, feeding device and discharging device. and has the standard type, the automatic type, the environmental protection type and the economical and so on many models for the user choice. The number of host grinding head can be made according to the original condition of the workpiece surface and the finish requirement of the finished surface.

Disc polishing Machine

Disc polishing machine is mainly composed of a disc, polished column (the number of polished columns according to the product's processing technology to be determined), electronic control box and grinding agent supply system.

The disc type multifunctional automatic polishing machine is a kind of polishing machine model with a wide range of adaptation surface, which can be used for the surface treatment of the product material for copper, iron, zinc and stainless steel. The motion of the disc may be intermittent or continuous in accordance with the different processing products, and equipped with inverter to control disc speed; polishing wheel can be used for multi-axis positioning to meet the different side of the product polishing; Depending on the technological requirements of the product, can be sanding, rough throw, fine parabolic, polishing and other flow-type operations, The polishing column can be made a proper choice, and the wheel and the cloth pulley can be automatically compensated when worn, and the automatic liquid wax device is fitted, and the fixture has the design of the automatic loading and unloading workpiece device, which is very convenient to operate. The machine also has the malfunction alarming function, can display the malfunction reason automatically.