Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Plastic Rubber Printing Packaging And Chemical Industry Exhibition

- Dec 28, 2019-

Time: 2020.01.13 ~ 2020.01.16

Exhibition industry: plastic rubber

Duration: every two years

The exhibition to introduce

Saudi PPPP, an international exhibition of plastic, rubber, printing, packaging and chemicals, will be held at the Riyadh international convention and exhibition center.These exhibits showcase the latest technologies in the plastics, petrochemical, printing and packaging industries, which continue to attract government support and recognize their major role in diversifying the nation's sources of income and driving national economic development!Gerber will continue to pay attention to the plastic bag chemical market in Saudi Arabia together with the majority of exhibitors!

The Saudi 4P has become an important destination for individuals and businesses seeking new business opportunities, bringing together local, regional and international exhibitors, as well as thousands of professional visitors.The exhibition offers a unique opportunity for engineers, industrialists, businessmen and engineering contractors.

The Saudi PPPP international plastic printing and packaging chemical exhibition is held every two years.Exhibition held in the Middle East's largest consumer market in Saudi Arabia, as the world's most advanced technology and equipment manufacturers to provide a good bench exhibition, the exhibition area of nearly 2016 2 square meters, a total of from Germany, India, Italy, the 27 countries such as China, Saudi Arabia and the united Arab emirates (uae) for about 600 exhibitors (40%) foreign, including China, Germany, Taiwan, Egypt, India, Austria, Italy and other countries organized professional pavilion, the audience reached more than 30000 people (26%), foreign.More than 70 enterprises from the top in the industry participated in the China exhibition group. On the exhibition site, local buyers from Saudi Arabia had a strong demand for Chinese products, and most of the injection molding machine equipment was sold to local buyers.

The Saudi PPPP exhibition, held at the international convention and exhibition center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, takes place during a period of rapid growth and development of the plastics and petrochemical industries in Saudi Arabia.This famous exhibition coincides with the development stage of the Saudi industry, which makes it more significant, attracts more tourists and establishes a major investment destination for the pioneers of these industries.In addition, the exhibition generated a great deal of media interest and coverage, making it an unrivaled leading exhibition for the plastics and petrochemical industries.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia plastic rubber, printing and packaging and chemical exhibition Saudi prompt by Riyadh Exhibitions Company (REC), exhibition next two years, the exhibition is open the Saudi Arabia market an important platform, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia plastic rubber, printing and packaging and chemical exhibition Saudi prompt attracted 520 exhibitors from last time, number of customers reached 19686,The Exhibition is held in Riyadh International Exhibition, the International Exhibition center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with an Exhibition area of 10,443 square meters.

Note: this exhibition is a professional B2B trade show and is only open to insiders. Non-insiders and those under 18 are not allowed to visit.No retail activities will be provided on site. 

Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer reserves the right to change and adjust the exhibition schedule and venue without prior notice.

Exhibits range

Plastic machinery and materials: injection molding machine, extrusion equipment, film blowing machine, bottle blowing machine, mold blister machine, pulp molding equipment, extruder, calender, plastic petrochemical processing machinery;Plastic sheet, plastic products, plastic containers, plastic pipe, etc

Packaging machinery and materials, packaging machinery and accessories, packaging testing equipment, vacuum packaging machine, pasting box machines, bag making machine, filling, filling, sealing, packing, labeling machines, supplies packaging machinery, plastic flexible packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, plastic packaging materials, finished product packaging, green packaging materials, rubber and plastic processing with chemical raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials, chemicals and additives of raw materials, paint, stain, plastic additives and auxiliary agent, plastic composite materials, etc

Printing equipment and materials: plate stamping production equipment and system equipment, sheet-fed offset press, web offset printing machine, flexo printing, letterpress printing machine, gravure printing, digital printing and digital printing system, silk screen printing machine, flat printing, special printing machine, offset printing ink, flexo printing ink, gravure printing ink, screen printing ink, toner and ink, chemical agent, education version fluid additive, tool grinding, renewable source technology, ink grinding and mixer, ink mixers and mixer, ventilation system (central) compressed air, etc

Chemical materials and equipment: petrochemical process, operating equipment, laboratory equipment and control equipment, petroleum and natural gas chemical raw materials and products;Fine chemical, organic and inorganic chemical raw materials, surfactants, reagents;Pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates;All kinds of plasticizers, fertilizers, pesticides, plant protection agents;Various coatings, dyes, pigments and their intermediates;Engineering plastics, polymer materials, nanomaterials