Research On Design Of Automatic Packaging Machine For Medical Latex Gloves

- Feb 28, 2019-

Automatic packaging machine for medical latex gloves is used to produce sterile medical latex gloves packaging process.The equipment has compact structure, high degree of automation, good reliability, and meets the actual production needs.The design process of the equipment is an independent innovation of the design of packaging automatic molding equipment in China.


The working process of the equipment:

In the overall structure of the automatic packaging machine for medical latex gloves, it needs to be composed of four parts: paper taking, folding, indentation and paper receiving.When working, a piece of paper is firstly sucked up by vacuum nozzle from a stack of paper stacked on the paper feeding table, and then transported to the former via the paper feeding rubber wheel through the supporting cardboard. In this operation, longitudinal arrangement and positioning are carried out by side stop gauge.Then driven by the paper roller and the paper roller to continue to run, to the indentation system, by the CAM control of the rise of the gauge to make the paper has a short pause, to achieve lateral positioning.Then the gauge gives way and the paper is sent to the indentation roller by the feed roller to complete the indentation.The processed paper is collected automatically by the paper receiving system.


drive system

In the work of the molding machine, the paper, folding and indentation must be coordinated.In a cycle, each suction a piece of paper, indentation roll once, and packaging paper in the process of transportation folding to ensure a certain speed, otherwise it will cause paper accumulation.

The transmission system is designed as follows: the main motor is decelerated by a two-stage belt, and then the power is transferred to the worm.As the distribution shaft of the whole machine, the worm gear drives not only the paper roller of the forming system directly, but also a group of sprockets.Chain drive group a group of paper feed roller to transfer power to the paper taking system, a group of connecting rod mechanism to drive the nozzle, a group of power to the indentation system.