Renewable Plastics Industry Presents A New Pattern Of Transformation To Break Through The Obvious Direction

- Jul 11, 2019-

World resources are always one of the topics that people like to talk about. With the deepening awareness of resource conservation, the awakening of recycled plastic is also essential, so that resources can be better recycled and used, and can truly achieve environmental protection and energy saving.After entering the "13th five-year plan", the recycled plastics industry presents a new pattern, and the transformation and breakout direction is obvious.

With the coming of 2016, the development trend of various industries has more or less changed. As for the recycled plastics industry, it presents a new pattern of "small enterprises have closed down, medium-sized enterprises barely maintain, large enterprises and big enterprises are surging, the industry is extended across different directions, and the Internet is popular".

The 13th five-year plan: renewable plastics industry presents a new pattern of transformation and breakthrough direction

Five new trends in the industry

I. small family-owned enterprises are forcefully eliminated under environmental protection management. Although there is a policy of "zone management", there are few successful cases of small enterprises entering the park.

Ii. Medium-sized enterprises are still able to start production after environmental protection rectification, but affected by the market downturn, most of them are barely maintained, waiting for the recovery of the market and policy support.

Iii. As the renewable resources industry is bound to the environmental protection industry, a number of powerful central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and listed companies have entered or will enter the renewable plastics industry, such as gezhouba huanjia, aerospace resources, zhusheng and tianqi shares.

Iv. With the traditional commodity prices of scrap steel, waste paper and other commodities in the renewable resource industry falling off a cliff and the competition in the dismantling industry of waste home appliances intensifying, a large number of scrap car dismantling enterprises, paper mills and household appliances dismantling enterprises have paid more and more attention to the value-added recycling of waste plastics that were previously neglected;With the rapid development of domestic urban waste treatment industry, how to realize value-added reuse of a large amount of waste plastics in the process of urban waste treatment has gradually become a hot spot.It can be predicted that China's recycled plastics industry is entering into a new pattern of multi-direction cross-border extension.

Five, along with prime minister li keqiang referred to in the government work report "' Internet 'action plan, the concept of" Internet "rapid heating up, the Internet also gradually become a hot spot in renewable resources industry, the companies in the industry are trying to" recycling "Internet, online trading platform and other new patterns, such as: enlightenment Thornton's easy regeneration, the green recycling, Shanghai jinqiao, Allah environmental protection net, sponsored by the guangzhou torch adhesive for plastic net, sponsored by the Beijing hua jing source green outfit, shijiazhuang is sponsored by the China recycling business network...

Transition breakthrough direction

We should respond to changes and explore new directions for going global

In the new situation, to import waste plastics based enterprises must face up to the new trend of the industry in the future, timely adjustment of the direction of enterprise development, have economic strength to go out of the enterprise, seize the time to explore the way and direction of going out, explore foreign factories or foreign enterprises to cooperate.

Follow the trend, develop and deepen domestic recycling channels

In order to better grasp the source resources of renewable resources, relevant enterprises must take precautions, develop and deepen domestic recycling channels, or strengthen cooperation with domestic recycling enterprises, and establish regional processing and distribution centers to meet the quota of enterprise processing amount.

Extend the boundary and grab resources from garbage classification

In the urban and rural waste treatment system, there is a large amount of waste plastic resources, qualified enterprises should cooperate with the local government and even surrounding governments to establish a waste classification system that can stand the test, control the quality and quantity of incoming materials from the source, and enhance the enterprise's ability to resist risks.

Do stronger do bigger, must raise the automation level of waste plastic front end processing

The high value of utilization of waste plastics is based on high purity classification of waste plastics, we are going to learn the industry large enterprises ignore the raise the level of automation of front-end processing, the enterprise production capacity of a serious imbalance between before and after the end, cause serious losses to the painful lesson, reverse "high value is modified granulation" this erroneous ideas, changing waste plastics manual sorting the primitive mode of production, improve the technological content of production technology, the rational allocation of resources and capacity, real regeneration waste plastics industry to make and can be large-scale production of green environmental protection science and technology industry.

To be specialized and refined, we must pay attention to the development of market-oriented modified special products

Modification technology is an important means of recycling waste plastics to create high profit, but as a result of plastic breed is various, the downstream enterprise on the quality of the recycled plastic particles each are not identical, therefore, waste plastics recycling enterprises must be market-oriented, and the downstream enterprises form closely, modification technology as the core competition, customer target for the product direction, conquering plastic recycled product quality is not stable this difficulty, for the waste plastics recycling industry find a road of sustainable development.