Quotation Summary For HI-CREATE

- Dec 06, 2018-

In 2016.September, our company was list at the Straits Equity Exchange Center. After more than one year hard working, our company was selected for Innovation Company in 2017 and entered the Straits Transaction Version in 2018. We are grateful to the government for its trust and support and made our company become an industry leader. As a featured company, our company will also more standardize our management, improve technology, and introduce advanced talents. We believe that JUBAO&HI-CREATE will be more brilliant.


JUBAO is manufacturer to research and development,design and produce machines of gloves,balloon and condom. Mainly in balloon printing machine,production line for glove,glove half-full dipping,latex condom dipping and latex balloon dipping,glove dotting and printing machine, surgical glove out wrap/inner paper packing machine,condom packing machine and other relevant supporting equipment products.


HI-CREATE is manufacturer for disposable hygiene products machinery development, design and producing, mainly in production line for baby diaper , sanitary napkin, waistband diaper , training pant(pull up) diaper, adult diaper , and a series of household paper, disposable products processing equipment for toilet paper, tissue paper, and napkin paper.