PVC Glove Dotting And Printing Equipment, Surgical Disposable Glvoe Dipping Machine

- Nov 09, 2018-

1) Latex prices moved down to around RM4.00 /kg despite raining season continue in Malaysia. 

2) According speech from Sheela Thomas, former Rubber Board Chairman and Secretary General of the Association of NR Producing Countries (ANPRC). The per capital consumption of rubber, which is based on a basic indication of rubber based industrialisation is only 1.2 kg in India compared to global average of 3.69kg and 6.59 kg in China. So India will continued to growth in demand in rubber. 

3) NBR latex market will cross USD 2.4 billion by 2025. Mainly lead by increase in capital expenditure by private companies and governments in healthcare infrastructure. In addition, rise in per capital income of people in developing nations has led to an increase in the individual healthcare spending in the countries. The glove manufacturing has also received a high demand since the out break of major epidemics across the globe.


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