Production Planning Of Glove Factory

- May 17, 2019-

The glove industry is mass - produced.Glove manufacturing requires a lot of planning and scheduling.Contractors and their timely coordination play a great role for your production to be completed on time.In most cases the production time of gloves is very tight in order to ship the goods to stores and boutiques for the upcoming season.Having an overnight sequence can reflect poorly on your business - remember this and add enough time to your schedule.To create a production schedule from your end date, determine a schedule that fits your needs backward.Give yourself an extra week or two in order to avoid any delays in the process.

Patterns and marks

Pattern making, grading and marking are important components in production planning.Once it is based on each style mark, you can easily calculate the production required to order your fabric fabric output.

To order the fabric

Order based on the required volume to meet your production needs.

Other materials

Order other materials, such as non-slip fabric, hook, wristband, etc., before production.These elements are often overlooked, which is the key to clothing production.

Dispatching contractor

Before your sewing contractor meets with you, you need to start your production at the end of the time period.Create a contract with your sewing contractor stating the sewing price, turnaround time, and listing what your contractor is responsible for providing and what you are responsible for.Make sure you have a deadline for all of these elements.

Supervise the production

Once production has started, you should check your project regularly to make sure everything is being produced to your standard.The completion of the first project should be given to you for approval, making sure it is said in your contract.Be sure to thoroughly inspect your production immediately for any errors.


Many sewing contractors also provide finishing services such as pressing, folding, marking and bagging items.If this is not the case, rationing takes a lot of time.

Matters needing attention

It is often called the glove industry's late order, and stores and boutiques expect their orders to be on time.Give yourself a few days to cushion as much as possible to ensure your production schedule.Make sure there is a contract with your sewing contractor to determine the completion date and any penalties for post-production applications.