Popularization Of Latex Product Knowledge!

- Aug 18, 2020-

1. What is latex?

   Latex is foamed from latex juice, and latex juice comes from rubber trees. Latex juice is extremely precious, because each rubber tree can only produce 30cc of latex juice every day. The fresh natural latex juice is milky white liquid and looks like milk. Natural latex is a kind of biosynthetic, its rubber hydrocarbon only accounts for 20%-40% of the total, and the rest is a small amount of non-rubber components and water. Non-rubber components include proteins, lipids, sugars, and inorganic components. Some of them form a composite structure with rubber particles, and some are dissolved in whey or form non-rubber particles.

  2. How is latex harvested and collected?

  Thailand is the world's largest latex planting country, and the blessed natural conditions are an important factor affecting the quality of latex juice. The time for latex harvesting also has extremely strict requirements. Normally, a new type of rubber tree can start tapping after 6 years of planting. The yield in the first two years is not high, and it produces about 20cc of latex juice every day. When the planting time reaches 8-12 years, the rubber tree can produce 30cc of latex juice a day. From March to November each year is the most suitable time for tapping, and 4-5 o'clock in the morning is the best time for harvesting. During this period of time, the rubber tree body is full of water and the cell swelling effect is maximized. In addition, the optimal temperature of 4-5 o'clock in the morning is 19℃~25℃. At this time, the output of latex and the content of dry rubber are both high, so it is most suitable Tapping.

   3. What are the effects of latex?

  Natural latex contains oak protein, which can effectively play an anti-bacterial and anti-mite effect. Latex has a special molecular structure, which has good comfort and air permeability, and inhibits the breeding of bacteria and parasites; the open latex porous airbag structure allows air to circulate freely in the mattress and can disperse the skin and the bed during sleep. The heat and sweat generated by the mat contact keeps you comfortable and dry during sleep. It is harmless to the human body and does not contain toxic substances. Natural environmental protection, pollution-free, non-toxic, anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic.