Plastic And Rubber Machinery Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand

- Oct 31, 2019-

Starting time: 2020.06.24 ~ 2020.06.27

Exhibition industry: plastic rubber

Duration: one year

The exhibition to introduce

The international plastic-rubber machinery exhibition InterPlasThailand is held annually in Bangkok, Thailand.With the continuous expansion of the plastic exhibition scale, the plastic exhibition was held in early July for the first time apart from Thailand machinery manufacturing week.From southeast Asian countries, 15,952 merchants will visit and negotiate, with 500 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition.Exhibition area of about 30,000 square meters, the exhibition held a complete success.The international plastics exhibition Thailand is the largest plastics exhibition in Thailand and is held annually. It reflects the level of development of plastics and rubber technology in Asia.

In recent years, Thailand has taken an active part in regional economic cooperation. With the development of manufacturing and service industries, especially the rise of tourism, the economic structure of Thailand has undergone major changes, gradually transforming from an agricultural country mainly exporting agricultural products to an emerging industrial country.In the trade between China and Thailand, mechanical equipment occupies the main position of Thailand's import goods from China.In 2012, Thailand once became the largest exporter of plastic machinery in China, exporting 2900 sets, up 67% year-on-year, accounting for about 4.16% of the total exports in the same period.The export amount was nearly 140 million us dollars, up 53% year on year, accounting for 8.51% of the total export amount in the same period.From 2009 to 2014, China's trade surplus with Thailand has been widening.

Bangkok, Thailand, plastic rubber machinery Exhibition InterPlasThailand is organized by reed expo group, Exhibition next year, the Exhibition is open the Thailand market an important platform, Bangkok, Thailand, plastic rubber machinery Exhibition InterPlasThailand attracted 500 exhibitors from last time, number of customers reached 15952, the Exhibition is Bangkok International Trade Exhibition center in Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre,The exhibition covers an area of 30000 square meters.

Note: this exhibition is a professional B2B trade show. It is only open to industry insiders. Non-industry insiders and people under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit.No retail activities will be provided on site. 

Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer reserves the right to change the exhibition date and venue without prior notice.

Exhibits range

Plastic machinery: injection and extruder, plastic manufacturing machinery, plastic doors and Windows machinery and equipment, accessories, tools, bottle blowing machine, plastic filling machinery and equipment, and quality testing instruments

Mold: plastic and rubber mold and model, used in food industry, construction industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, transportation industry and household use.Collaborative processing, mold machine tools, mold standard parts, mold materials, mold tools, molding equipment

Materials: raw materials, new degradable materials, coatings, colorants, modifiers, plastic additives and additives, plastic synthetic materials, all kinds of vehicles and semi-finished products, aluminum foil materials, medical materials and fishing materials;FRP raw materials, FRP related equipment and equipment;All kinds of plastic products, plastic film, rubber products

Rubber machinery: rubber extruder, mixer, rubber (granulator, cutting machine, vulcanization tank, laminating machine, forming machine, fixing machine, joint machine, vulcanization machine, desulfurization machine, bag making machine, calender, etc.)