Pharmaceutical Machinery Industry Structure Will Change Dramatically High-end Equipment Chenggang Products

- Jul 03, 2019-

"More and more powerful pharmaceutical companies are winning the bidding, and more and more customers are willing to choose high-end medical equipment."In the interview, the enterprise said so.It is understood that with the implementation of the new GMP, pharmaceutical quality requirements continue to improve, high-end pharmaceutical equipment is becoming more and more rigid goods."Due to the particularity of the pharmaceutical industry, high-end pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing transformation are regarded as the" rigid demand "of pharmaceutical factories.Industry insiders say.


Pharmaceutical factory is an assembly line production, once the equipment and process problems occur, the loss of drug scrapping is very large.What's more, safety and quality are even more important for a pharmaceutical company with annual sales of more than one billion yuan or billions of yuan.In order to ensure pharmaceutical quality and production safety, reduce losses and improve market competitiveness, more and more pharmaceutical enterprises are willing to choose high-end pharmaceutical equipment.


The author has learned that following the general trend of the development of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry, more and more pharmaceutical machinery enterprises are now taking the high-end route, and some enterprises are seizing the innovation and pharmaceutical industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing, and constantly promoting the high-end transformation of pharmaceutical equipment.For example, chutian technology has developed some intelligent pharmaceutical production robots and their production lines by using automation and information technology, and has transformed itself into an EPC service provider to build an overall solution of smart factory for pharmaceutical industry 4.0.


After years of business practice, chutian science and technology tang yue is full of vision for intelligent manufacturing of pharmaceutical industry.He said big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and mobile Internet will be closely connected and deeply integrated with the real economy to form an innovation-driven and innovation-led force to promote "made in China 2025".Intelligent manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry is an important part of "made in China 2025".


Pharmaceutical equipment to the high-end transformation, naturally inseparable from intelligent manufacturing, and with the vigorous development of robots, intelligent robots will rapidly enlarge, become a common tool of pharmaceutical equipment.According to industry insiders, intelligent robot will be a new mode of intelligent manufacturing of pharmaceutical industry covering the whole industrial chain from equipment manufacturing to drug production to improve the intelligent and international level of pharmaceutical equipment in China.For the pharmaceutical industry, intelligent manufacturing is the trend.So how to promote the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry to the high-end intelligent transformation?


United, enterprising and efficient high quality talents are the solid foundation for the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry to continuously provide high and new products.Talent is the source power of enterprise advantage and vitality, and also the basis for the transformation of old and new driving forces.Pharmaceutical machinery enterprises should vigorously introduce technical and r&d high-tech talents, strengthen the construction of talent team, and establish and perfect modern enterprise system."The company will conduct technical training for employees every month and conduct a technical competition every quarter. Meanwhile, it will fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, collect reasonable Suggestions from each employee, and translate them into practical actions of enterprise operation, so that employees can contribute to the development of the company."In the interview, the enterprise said so.Nowadays, more and more enterprises pay attention to the construction of talent team and provide abundant talent reserve for the high-end transformation of pharmaceutical equipment.


Change business philosophy, innovation measures.It is the so-called powerful pharmaceutical companies, more and more do not consider the low price of medical equipment won the bid, that is to say, pharmaceutical companies are moving to the high-end, at the same time, only the production of equipment in line with the needs of pharmaceutical companies can achieve long-term development.Therefore, facing the new development trend, pharmaceutical machinery enterprises need to actively change their business philosophy and constantly innovate measures.Facing the new market competition pressure, the enterprise should form the new talent view, the management view and the management view diligently."Faced with such fierce market competition, we should not stop at the past achievements, but introduce new ideas and concepts to push the company forward with the current market-oriented operation mode," a company official said in an interview.