Packaging Machinery Development Trend

- Mar 26, 2019-

Highly automated and intelligent packaging machinery has become the main trend of future development.In packaging machinery automation, automation procedures have been widely used, such as PLC equipment, data collection system.

Machinery manufacturing enterprises pay more attention to the integrity of the whole set when providing users with production automatic line or production line equipment, whether it is high technology added value or simple equipment categories, according to the matching requirements.Through the statistics found that the new equipment and technology has been popular, such as the number of intelligent control system, encoder and digital control components, the new intelligent equipment such as power load control has been widely applied to packaging machinery, equipment users in the process of operation has more independence, flexibility and accuracy of operation, high efficiency and compatibility.Future automation trends that focus on productivity are smaller, more flexible, versatile, and efficient.The pursuit is the combination, simplicity, mobility, effective cost reduction.Such as PLC equipment, data collection system of the new generation of automatic operation procedures have been widely used.

Comply with the humanized design from the perspective of the operator to explore, then from the perspective of the long-term development of human design is green design.The birth of industrial products, to go through a complex process, and the operation of this process is the designer.Designers should not only consider the structure and function of products, but also environmental protection issues, and consider the recycling and utilization of waste, which is the social responsibility of designers.Small scope, is the manufacturer's savings, large scope is a kind of social resources to save, but also a measure of environmental protection.

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