Overview And Maintenance Of High Frequency Preheating Machine

- Oct 24, 2017-

Overview of high frequency preheating machine

1. High-frequency preheater working principle: Is high frequency (high-frequency) medium heating mode, heated materials in high-frequency electric field due to dielectric loss and rapid, evenly heated.

2. High-frequency preheating machine application industry: Widely used in the molding industry, such as semiconductor discrete electronic components, integrated circuits, other microelectronic packaging, motor commutator, Melamine melamine (melamine) imitation porcelain tableware, plastic electrical appliances.

3. High-frequency preheating machine can be heated materials: phenolic resin, urea plastic, melamine (melamine), epoxy and other thermosetting molding plastic.

4. High-frequency Preheater's role: After the high-frequency preheating machine heating material, can enhance the fluidity, shorten the die-casting time, eliminate the material internal stress, eliminate product watermark and improve the smoothness of finished products, save material dosage, prolong the die life.

5. High-frequency preheating machine heating electrode form:

① Plate electrode type

② Roller electrode type (drum electrode type, rotary electrode type)

Maintenance of high frequency preheating machine

1. Clean up the electrode plate, lower electrode plate, drum electrode dust and water vapor. Any)

2. Check the upper cover of the soft copper piece grounding effect is good. (Once a week)

3. Dust mesh cleaning, please compare the figure [6]. (Once a week)

4. Fan mouth filter dust mesh [7] clean. (Once a month)

5. with dry compressed air to sweep the tube and its surrounding capacitors, inductance coil, the size of the fan every month to two times).

6. Clean all parts of the dust dirt (once a month).

7. Check the Tube oscillation box capacitance, inductance, copper chip contact is good, whether the screw fastening (3 times a year).

8. To the hood motor gearbox refueling (once every 2 years).

9. Check the operation of the equipment is normal (once a month).