Nuremberg International Rubber Industry Exhibition, Germany

- Jul 30, 2019-

The exhibition to introduce

The exhibition is one of the important international rubber industry events, the first held in 1926, held every three years, after nearly a century of development, has become an important exhibition in the field of rubber elastomer industry in Europe.The international rubber conference held at the same time mainly conducts high-level technical discussions on a global scale, as well as scientific research results and industrial technology exchanges. It is held annually by 10 of the 20 member countries of the international rubber conference organization (IRCO).

Market analysis

According to the statistics office of the European Union (eurostat), the import and export of goods between Germany and China reached us $131.28 billion in the first 10 months of 2015, down 13.6%.Among them, German exports to China were 66.82 billion us dollars, down 20.5%, accounting for 6.0% of Germany's total exports, down 0.6 percentage points.Germany's imports from China totaled us $64.46 billion, down 5.0% or accounting for 7.3% of Germany's total imports, up 0.7%.As of October, China was Germany's fifth largest export destination and third largest source of imports.

Exhibits range

Rubber raw materials and auxiliary agents, rubber mechanical equipment, testing and analysis instruments, software, simulation experiments, tires, tire retreading process equipment, non-tire rubber products.