Nitrile Rubber Gloves Market Share Continues To Grow In 2020 To Seize The Latex Glove Market

- Sep 11, 2020-

At present, the rubber gloves on the market are mainly latex gloves and nitrile rubber gloves. In the past 2019, the market demand for rubber gloves has steadily increased, and the market demand for nitrile rubber gloves has continued to rise. Data shows that the market share of nitrile rubber gloves is expected to grow rapidly at a growth rate of 30% in 2020, seizing the latex glove market Share.

From the performance point of view, nitrile rubber gloves are excellent in oil resistance, puncture resistance, and solvent resistance. They are widely used in medical, medicine, hygiene, beauty salons and food processing industries; latex gloves have good elasticity but abrasion resistance and oil resistance. The nitrile gloves are poor. From the perspective of the application population, nitrile gloves will hardly have allergic reactions during long-term wearing, and are suitable for people who are prone to allergies; on the contrary, allergic people manufacturers who wear latex gloves will have allergic reactions. Therefore, nitrile rubber gloves are increasingly widely used, and can replace latex gloves in a large number of occasions. The subsequent market demand is expected to continue to increase.

From the perspective of the raw material market, compared with the increasing demand for nitrile rubber, the latex market is highly competitive, which may lead to a decline in the profit of latex gloves and face more serious profit pressure, especially for glove manufacturers with latex gloves as their main product. This phenomenon may bring support to the nitrile glove market, and the market share of nitrile gloves may continue to increase rapidly in 2020.