Nitrile Gloves Are The New Darling Of Medical Gloves

- May 08, 2019-

In today's medical industry, medical gloves are essential for examinations, surgeries and other gynecological and dental procedures.The main function of medical gloves is to prevent cross infection between medical staff and patients, especially with the prevalence of AIDS, CJD, hepatitis b, influenza and other diseases, medical staff are increasingly accustomed to wearing medical gloves.

Medical gloves are divided into surgical gloves and examination gloves. The former is mainly used in the operating room, while the latter is widely used in hospitals for a variety of protective purposes.Surgical gloves are more expensive because they have higher quality requirements and better protection, but these two types of products are now in a very similar situation on the market.

Selection of materials for medical gloves

The choice of materials for medical gloves has long been controversial.The debate includes the health effects on patients and staff, hospital costs, and market growth.Different materials vary greatly in price and product advantages and disadvantages.Now it is mainly a choice between traditional latex materials and various non-latex materials.

Latex is considered in many ways the preferred material because of its low price, comfort and protective properties.The biggest concern with latex gloves is allergies.The allergy caused by latex presents as dermatitis, such as itching and blisters.It can also trigger more serious reactions, like swollen eyes, asthma and even allergies.In addition to the debate over latex and non-latex materials, there is the question of powder and powder.Powder is for convenience.The problem is that it can cause further allergic reactions, such as dermatitis.When used in surgery, if powder particles come into contact with the wound surface, postoperative infection will occur.

Common types of medical gloves

Latex gloves are made from natural latex juice from rubber trees plus stabilizers and catalysts through a specific process.Latex gloves with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, puncture resistance to acid and alkali, grease and other characteristics, has a wide range of chemical resistance, and passed the FDA certification, but because it contains protein was easy to make the person produces allergies and dermatitis, can lead to medical disputes and even lead to major medical accidents, therefore, in recent years of latex gloves market share in constant decline.

Nitrile gloves are an ideal alternative to natural latex gloves. Nitrile is a rubber made from acrylonitrile and butadiene.Nitrile gloves have the excellent characteristics of latex gloves, such as good anti-tear, anti-puncture, anti-friction performance, anti-chemical performance, it is worth mentioning that nitrile gloves are not easy to cause human skin allergy, so it is more appropriate to use in medical services.

Nitrile gloves brand selection

On the shopping habit of common people, like to buy foreign brand, think foreign article quality is more superior, actually the choose and buy on nitrile glove also is such.Although there are many brands of dingqing gloves in China, there is no denying that disposable medical gloves from foreign countries are of better quality.

Domestic nitrile gloves are produced with scarce raw materials and low production technology, and their quality is often unstable.Foreign nitrile glove manufacturers have a long history of production, with rich production experience and complete production process, the nitrile glove produced by its more quality.

Nitrile gloves more famous foreign brands such as kimberly-clark, ansell, Riverstone, including Malaysia's famous Riverstone clean gloves manufacturers in 2012 AClean medical nitrile gloves recognised, its by SFDA certification, with excellent product performance, not easy damaged, ultra cleanliness and extreme sensitivity to operation, and through the clean room cleaning packaging, medical industry can apply clean request strictly.

Every year, due to medical infection, many problems are caused, which not only endanger the health of medical staff and patients, but also cause huge treatment expenses and aggravate the tension between doctors and patients.Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of medical infection. Wearing medical gloves is an important measure to prevent infection.

How to buy medical gloves?There are many medical gloves brands at home and abroad, such as medical gloves of different thickness, medical gloves of different specifications, medical gloves impregnated with various, medical gloves use regulations are different, medical gloves material is exquisite, which brand is the best medical gloves, medical gloves which is good?How to choose medical gloves wholesale is a problem.

Medical gloves factory, and in the medical gloves wholesale place is more, how to choose medical gloves to join, how to choose medical gloves suppliers, medical gloves for which industry, the above are the development of medical gloves industry problems, need people's attention.

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