New Development Opportunity Of Plastics Industry: Modified Plastics

- Jul 12, 2019-

Modified plastics refer to those plastic products which, on the basis of general plastics and engineering plastics, add appropriate modifiers and are processed by means of filling, blending and strengthening to obtain novel structural characteristics and improve the properties of flame retardancy, strength, impact resistance and toughness.According to functional classification, modified plastics can be divided into flame retardant resins, reinforced and toughened resins, glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics, plastic alloys and PVC alloy products.As an important component in the field of new chemical materials, modified plastics have been listed as the key development of science and technology.

Modified plastics to overcome the common plastic poor heat resistance, low strength and toughness and wear resistance of defects of weak resistance to impact, but also endowed with such as flame retardant, weather resistance, antibacterial, antistatic, such as new features, the superior comprehensive performance make it get more and more widely used in the downstream sectors, in plastic industry and new materials development has played a significant role.Modified plastic has the advantages of high performance, low cost, and national policy support, which is the need of consumption upgrading, and also has the technical feasibility.Now its application scope has been extended to many fields, such as building, packaging, home appliances, automobile supporting, electronics, electric tools, toys, lighting, IT and office equipment, etc., with broad development space, IT is the direction of the transformation and development of the traditional plastic products industry in the future.