Mexico Plastic Rubber Exhibition

- Oct 21, 2019-

Starting time: 2020.11.10 ~ 2020.11.13

Exhibition industry: plastic rubber

Duration: one year

The exhibition to introduce

Mexico is located at the southernmost tip of North America. It is one of the three free trade areas of North America (the United States, Canada and Mexico). The zero-tariff policy among them has laid a good foundation for the development of Mexico.In North America, where plastic packaging is mainly produced, sales of plastic packaging products reached about $43 billion, accounting for 33% of the world plastic market, while the average annual growth rate in Mexico was close to 10%.

Mexico produces 4.17 million tons of plastic.Mexico currently has about 4,400 plastics companies (84% of which are small or micro) that process 5 million tons of plastic products a year.Growth is expected to be 9-10% a year for the next few years.

About 43 percent of its plastic products are used to make bottles or packaging, while other products are largely used in packaging, construction, furniture, toys and agriculture.In addition, the United States has for many years been the world's largest producer of plastic, plastic products also ranked first.Texas and California alone are the second largest in the world.The growth of the plastics industry in Mexico has been helped by the fact that many plastics processing companies in the two states have moved to the country because of Mexico's low costs.

At the same time, the structure of plastic products in Mexico has changed a lot, the high value-added products are increasing, the demand for equipment has also changed.Among them, the majority of small equipment, injection molding machine to fully electric dominance, intelligent, programming, automatic, high-speed models are more popular, used in medical care, consumer goods and silicon special equipment sales very good.

Mexico plastic rubber exhibition PLASTIMAGEN by e. j. KRAUSE & ASSOCIATES, INC., United States (EJK), Klaus company exhibition next year, the exhibition is open the Mexican market an important platform to Mexico plastic rubber PLASTIMAGEN previous attracted 785 exhibitors from exhibition, the number of customers reached 60000, the exhibition is in Mexico City, Centro Banamex international conference and exhibition center Centro Banamex,The exhibition covers an area of 30000 square meters.

Note: this exhibition is a professional B2B trade show. It is only open to industry insiders. Non-industry insiders and people under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit.No retail activities will be provided on site. 

Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer reserves the right to change the exhibition date and venue without prior notice.

Exhibits range

Machinery and equipment for plastics and rubber industries: molds and accessories for rubber and plastic processing;Rubber and plastic processing equipment and quality testing instruments;Pre processing machinery and equipment, secondary processing equipment, recycling equipment, extrusion machines, injection molding machine, blown film machine, plastic calender, hollow blow molding machine, plastic molding machine, plastic granulator, plastic auxiliary machinery and other plastic machinery, film feeding renewable crusher, wire drawing machine, foam equipment, machine parts, welding technology and equipment, auxiliary equipment, workshop equipment and instrument

Packaging machinery and materials: vacuum packaging machine, box pasting machine, bag making machine, filling, filling, sealing, box sealing, labeling machine, binding machine, wrapping machine, code jet machine, code printer, etc.Corrugated honeycomb board equipment, carton machinery, packaging materials

Materials: chemical raw materials, auxiliaries and auxiliary materials for rubber and plastic processing;Pigments, colorants, plastic additives and auxiliary agents, plastic synthetic materials, propionic acid resin, fluoropolymer, thermosetting plastics, modifiers, aluminum foil materials, medical materials and fishing gear materials;FRP raw materials, frp-related equipment (molding equipment, recycling, molding parts, etc.)

Plastic and rubber products and semi-finished products: all kinds of plastic products and plastic film and rubber products;Semi-finished products, such as flakes, rods, rods and foamed plastics, used for finished products in aerospace, health care, communications, business equipment, furniture, etc

Supplier service organizations and industry organizations of plastics and rubber: process design, manufacturing services, quality assurance, product development, trade organizations and organizations, business services and media