Mexico Plastic And Rubber Fair

- Nov 28, 2019-

Exhibition time: 2020-11-10 ~ 2020-11-13

Mexico is located in the southernmost part of North America, and is one of the three free trade areas in North America.In North America, where most plastic packaging is made, sales of plastic packaging products reached about $43 billion, accounting for 33 percent of the world plastics market, while the average annual growth rate in Mexico was close to 10 percent.

Mexico produces 4.17 million tons of plastic.Mexico currently has about 4,400 plastics companies (84% of which are small or micro) that can process 5 million tons of plastic products annually.It is expected to grow by 9-10% a year for the next few years.

About 43 per cent of its plastic products are used for making bottles or packaging, while other products are used heavily in packaging, construction, furniture, toys and agriculture.In addition, the United States has for many years been the world's largest producer of plastic, plastic products also ranked first.The American states of Texas and California combined are the second largest in the world.Mexico's low-cost advantage has helped fuel the growth of the country's plastics industry, with many of the state's plastic processors moving to Mexico.

At the same time, the structure of plastic products in Mexico has changed a lot, with a growing number of high value-added products and a changing demand for equipment.Among them with small equipment in the majority, injection molding machine with all electric dominated, intelligent, programming, automatic, high-speed models are more popular, for medical, consumer goods and silicon materials of special equipment sales are very good.

Exhibits range

Machinery and equipment for plastics and rubber industries: moulds and accessories for rubber and plastic processing;Rubber and plastic processing equipment and quality testing instruments;Pre processing machinery and equipment, secondary processing equipment, recycling equipment, extrusion machines, injection molding machine, blown film machine, plastic calender, hollow blow molding machine, plastic molding machine, plastic granulator, plastic auxiliary machinery and other plastic machinery, film feeding renewable crusher, wire drawing machine, foam equipment, machine parts, welding technology and equipment, auxiliary equipment, workshop equipment and instrument

Packaging machinery and materials: vacuum packaging machine, pasting box machine, bag-making machine, filling, filling, sealing, sealing, labeling machinery, strapping machine, baling machine winding equipment, printing machine, printing machine, etc.;Corrugated honeycomb board equipment, carton machinery, packaging materials

Materials: chemical raw materials, auxiliaries and auxiliary materials for rubber and plastic processing;Pigments, colorants, plastic additives and additives, plastic synthetic materials, propanoacetic acid resin, fluoropolymers, thermosetting plastics, improvers, aluminum foil materials, medical materials and fishing gear materials;FRP raw materials, FRP related equipment and devices

Finished and semi-finished products of plastics and rubber: various plastic products and plastic film and rubber products;Sheet, rod, rod, foam and other semi-finished products for aerospace, health care, communications, business equipment, furniture and other finished products

Supplier service organizations and trade organizations for plastics and rubber: process design, manufacturing services, quality assurance, product development, trade organizations and organizations, business services and media